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Lobster Taser: Now We’ve Tasered Everything


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The lobster taser, which looks to be mostly like a lobster photocopier, is supposedly a more humane way of dispatching the delicious bottom-feeders than the normal “stab in the brain†or “boil alive†methods. Also, tasers.

Each stun, of about 110 volts, delivers a shock that immediately and effectively disables the lobster’s nervous system, allowing you to brain-stab or boil with no fear that you’ll be going to some sort of hell presided over by giant lobsters in which you’re boiled alive and served with a delicious lemon-butter-caper sauce and maybe some kind of side salad, even though you know the lobster that ends up eating you is going to ignore the salad because hello, human! Delicious!

The lobster taser is officially called the CrustaStun.



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