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Looking for some cleaner water


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The plan was to smack some bass today, but rivers and creeks all over are running hard. Plan B was to hit the bay. Arrived at Cleveland at 5 and the water quality was a bit poo, but had high hopes that over the other side the water would be nicer. Loaded the yaks and headed over.


Off the barge and we slid into the water and started casting around the structure at Dunwich. A few very small trevs were smacking tiny bait around the jetty, but weren't worth targetting.

Waited for the boats to leave and headed across to the sand bar out front and was drifting around the deep gutter casting small plastics across the weed and landed a couple of small emperors.

While being amused by the pickers I had a 21gram Damiki Mausrin Jig teabagging under the yak. That rod buckled over and after a bit of trouble getting out of the Scotty holder the fight was on and when the fish caught sight of the yak went spastic. Eventually I slid it in the net, and finally, I have ticked off Kingfish from my to catch list. :woohoo:


Denis managed to dodge a donut.....just. The damiki Jig got hit hard with a big run then busted the hook off. Got owned a few times today. Didn't use less than 20lb and the terminal tackle kept failing. Good lure action or super strong hooks, where is the right balance? With all the structure, can't let them run too far :pinch:


I changed to a small Damiki vault blade and landed a few whiting and bream from the edge of the sand flat. Moved up to the shallows and dropped a couple of nice squid yakside (probably a good thing) I didn't particularly want a new inked paintjob on the yellow.

Trolled past the rockwall for zero and around the corner found a couple of bream here


Then Sooky-La-La, I mean Denis, came over, had a whinge about wanting his mummy, so we packed it in and homeward bound on the 11.30 barge


The deckie on the barge had a chat on the homeward leg and informed us that the locals have been catching F-all lately so we should be happy landing a couple.

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nice work tom, it was a good pic that you messaged to me as well, got it just as i was wishing i was out fishing.

I may keep some of the smaller mausrin jigs aside. I was about to discontinue the whole range of lighter ones, but maybe i will wait a while .

With the yaks on board, did they charge car fare for both of you or pedestrian fares?

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I have lost all bar half of one of the little ones to fish now. Was gonna hit you up for some more, especially pink ones. They get smashed in the Brissy River. Have a good wobble when trolled slow too.

Charge is $30 return for me and the yak. And they have a Sunday special outside school holidays of $50 return for the car, on the first barge at 5.30am. So it'll be $10 bucks cheaper next time and we can drive up to Amity and launch there, or a bit further along the road and hit tugger rock

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What can I say, it was a good morning while it lasted. I had to call it a day by 11. When I got home I distroyed the dunnie from every angle :sick: I think it might have been heat stroke. Anyway I didn't donut so thats the main thing. Congrates tom for the kingy. To make things worse my camera sh!t it self, so no pics :angry:

Lucky you're a plumber. Also looks like you will be doing what the thread title says :laugh:

How much will it cost to fix ? ;) :laugh: :laugh:

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