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Flood water Dewfish & Massive Carp


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So we were going to go out to chinchilla for the weekend leaving early saturday morning and coming back late sunday. There had been alot of rain around and mum was not confident that i would get much fishing in or even catch one but thould i would try anyway :laugh: So we checked out rocky weir and was overflowing well and the creek in town was very high and the condamine looked horrible so it was decide that burnt bridge road would be the best place and so packed the gear and drove down. The water was high and running but underneath the bridge so decided to throw a spinnerbait around for a while and end up somehow getting it snagged so decided to switch to worms so saw a carp tailing in the shallows near the newly flooded grass.


get my lines to set up to see my float dissapear :woohoo: strike and my float, floats to the top as the line had got caught around it :angry: anyway sent out my lines and was getting some bites wish was surprising but pleasing and then landed an aggresive little spangled perch before my bait caster bent over and i was onto a nice dewy ( tandanus catfish)post-7093-144598557145_thumb.jpg

. Went home for lunch and arranged with jack to meet him down there for an afternoon sesh.


the water had risen and got no bites then jack and his father turned up and not longer after landed a small catfish whitch i relised on the bridge as we were spotting heaps of water snakes. no bites and me and jack switched to spinnerbaits and cast at every snag for nothing but one hit jack got soon after he left and i moved spots over the other side and i landed another nice size dewy and another smaller one.



Went back this morning and the bridge was under by a bit so decided to fish were i ended up last time but a bit further up the bank


and put in a handline over near where the road joined the bridge as there was little current there and wasnt long before i had an aerobatic dewy on the line and then persisted catching them over where i finished up yesterday. was getting more bites near the road so took one of my rods over with my handline.


I was running out of worms and the sister offered to walk me down some more and i could hear her walking down with my brother and i was day dreaming when zzzziiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggg grab my rod and i landed a nice jewie and got the worms and look over to se my other rod buckled over :woohoo: grab the rod set the hook and this was a decent fish with alot of weight i saw the big orange tail and new it was a carp and anytime i got it near the bank would run me straight out into the middle of the river it fought awesome and after a few goes slid him up on the bank :woohoo: a new pb for me a bit over 70cm or so and probably around 7 kilos it was heavy so a few snaps and he was given to the meat ants



then set the lines up again and about 20 mins later i got a couple of good bites then it took off and i set the hook and once again saw the orange tail this one didnt fight as hard but was still good no where near as heavy but around 10cm smaller.


Not long after went home had lunch and packed the car for the drive home and picked up our new puppy on the way home Dexter.




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Good fishing mate, nice sized carp too !!! if they were more partial to lures it would be serious fun out there. They fight like mad those water pigs.

I'm thinking next time I head out I might try some very small surface lures with scent and see how the carp like them, I go to a spot out along Charlies Creek and see carp slurping on the top all day long.

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