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Snapper management petition


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I know there's a few threads already, but didn't see a link to the qld parliament e-petition and it's worthy of a new thread;


take a minute to review and be sure to let your friends and family know as well



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sure we may be pissing into the wind mate, but at a grand total of 45sec to sign i'm willing to take the punt on time spent :P

fisheries qld manager was posting on ausfish earlier in the week, and linked up the latest independant review (and the only one i could find on the dpi site) in support of the data and stock assessment

the summary page of that review is so unbelievably shocking in terms of a report card for their assessment, every single paragraph contained "substantial uncertainty" or the like and yet they are actually parading that around as a supporting document

scientists everywhere should be up in arms, makes a mockery of the scientific community really

you be the judge: http://www.dpi.qld.gov.au/documents/Fisheries_CommercialFisheries/Evaluation_of_Qld-Snapper-Assessment-Final-Report-to-Client.pdf

needless to say once challenged on this point (the fact that the independant review does nothing but support the notion of sloppy, ineffective and uncertain data collection)- and i put it to him 3 or 4 times- he simply refused to comment lol

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You do have a say, as do all stakeholders use this link.


Hopefully more people will will take the time to fill this out than the last review (Inshore Finfish) only 200 odd, though there were still some positive outcomes from this ie. changes to size and possession limits for Jew and Threadies.

Scientific data on Snapper in SEQ is lacking and inconsistant without a doubt.

Or you could just not worry and believe the BS being spouted by some, saw an interesting piece in the Courier mail by " fishing expert" Paul Graveson evidently there are more Snapper now than there ever has been:lol:

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i'm getting more and more offended by fisheries qld/state govnt on this one. the data is clearly garbage and has been stated as such in the independent review, and they're well aware of it. in the RIS they've stated the level of uncertainty and assumptions have been identified and recommendations made for future assessments, but that says to me they don't intend on re-doing this one with proper data.

it seems they can get away with murder in broad daylight, producing publicly available and shameful reports on their varied assumptions and uncertainties but somehow twisting them and their blue ribbon back patting conclusion of "remains plausible" into a supporting document

i feel bad for the scientists forced to put their name to this work :sick:

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Yeah Dan, they even half-admitted their stats/research were crap when they said that revenue raised by charging us $70 or $90 a year will be used to conduct more accurate research!!!!!!!!!!!!

They also state that they don't see raising size limits as being effective because a certain number of these new fish that are released die. Well if that is their belief, then why put up ANY size limits EVER.

I certainly don't want to see $70 or $90 fees. I don't want to see a bag limit of 2 (because even I am a chance of exceeding that!!!!). And I don't want to see closures amounting to 4 months each year, including some during peak fishing times (winter). So none of their 4 options appeal to me.

I wouldn't however be too upset if they increased the size limit to, say, 38cm (the same as teraglin) and see what effect that has for a while.

Just my two cents. Have filled in the survey and petition and will chase up my three brothers and father plus some friends to do the same.

Cheers Dan and Elops for posting this info - I urge everyone to speak up (even if you don't think it'll do any good) as it'll be no good whingeing afterwards and regretting not doing all we could to stop it.


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