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My Mackerel Esky

Bri The Pom

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Last season I fitted an esky in the beam of my tinnie, but soon realised it was too small. So I then bought a 70ltr esky to sit in the boat. This gave me the ***** because of the space it took up. So recently i just finished esky version 3. This esky is 1300 mm long x 280 wide x 200 deep, the foam removed from the beam was fitted below the esky and the existing seat socket for my 2 nd seat stays in place and i have added two trays to stop bait contaminating the ice slurry.

I reckon i can bag out on mackerel and still keep them cool, I'll give it a good go.

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Hey Bri,

That idea is awesome - I am always getting annoyed at things being in my way in my 14ft tinny so that looks like a great idea to make more room in the boat. Can I ask where you got the esky from and how much?



The esky is made from a material called P3, its a 20mm foam and foil faced on both sides about 40 bucks for a 2400x1200 sheet, air conditioning and ducting firms use it to fabricate A/c boxes, then you need to cut in to size accuratley and silicone it together. Fit in into position and silicone beads in all the corners to make it watertight. fit a drain plug, mine goes to a tube straight to one of the plugs in the transom. An alloy chequer plate lid with insulation glued on as well and overlay with carpet, the the carpet is also acting as the hinge which has hidden pop rivets.

Photo added shows my first esky which is far too small, i now keep my cast net in.

Any more info just shout.


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Bri thats a ripper and just in time for you to get a good spanaird

Hey Mark, If I get a Spaniard and its over 130cm I'm going to have to put him back.:woohoo:

Cut the head of it Bri and if youre asked tell them you foul hooked him and a shark took off the head just as you were landing him, should get the size down a fair bit to fit into the box, if that fails then offer a bribe

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