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Testudines and a cracker.


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Went up to NPD with Tai and his mate Michael this morning to try to start the new year in the correct way.

It was a bit breezy and drizzling rain but who cares when you are on a mission.

Got a few shrimp out of the pots. ( Note to the share-farmer whoever you are please close the pots and dont throw out the bait containers:angry: ) And baited up the redclaw pots.

We then went into a lee shore to try for some gar out of the wind. I got onto them straight away.


Tye put out a shrimp in the hope for a bass and started getting nibbles and soon brought in a tilapia.


Followed by a couple more. He then changed to redclaw flesh and caught a couple more.

I then put on a split shot above the no12 long shank hook I was using for the gar and was met with instant success.


I ended up with 10 of them plus a pale looking tandanus.


All Michael could catch was turtles.


It is years since I have seen the turtles so thick. I think we ended up with 8 of them between us.

Total catch brought home was 19 tilapia and 30 odd gar.


Plus a few eskies full of claw.


So despite a wet bum a good day.



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Awesome mate.

I was just saying to Henry the other day that I was amazed that more Tilapia had not been caught since that massive fish kill a while back.

With the boaters baiting I was expecting to see many many more.

These are actually the first I have seen since that kill.

Have you caught many others ever?

Anyway good work all round. Better session than we had at Scarborough :)


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Angrybundy bear.

I only use the cheapest dog pellets that i can buy. Doesn't matter what flavour.Lots of other things work,par boiled potato.avocado,rock melon,mango, any fish or meat but the dog pellets last a lot longer than the rock melon and other vegetables and doesn't stink when it gets old. I dissolves after a day and if you are unfortunate to have a pot float away it doesn't continue to ghost fish.

Angus this is the first time that I have actually targeted tilapia in NPD. I caught a lot of juveniles in my redclaw pots in early winter last year and prior to today have probably only caught 6 in all the years that I have been fishing there.

I will be trying for them a bit more until the bass come back. They are good eating and I have to bring them home to dispose of them as SEQ water do not allow us to dispose of them on site.:)



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Thanks again Ray for a great day ou! Michael couldnt stop talking about what a great experience it was. Got back to his place and his wife Vivienne also said thank you Ray!

As usual, always love it out there when it rains despite the gale force winds .

Suprisingly thw water was pretty clean, but with all this rain, i dare say the bass will shut down for a few weeks.

Once again to the sharefarmer, karma's a b1tch! Keep your hands off other people's property!

Its just a matter of time before you get caught.

here are some other pics..


Yep, all micahel could catch was turtles. He caught 5 in a row, even when i swapped sides on the boat



Once again Thanks Ray, catch up again soon.

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