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NPD with Kiara and his better half.


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Hit up the dam with Adrian and his partner this morning.

Pretty dissappointing day as all we coulkd locate were the ever present gar.

The sharefarmers had got into my pots again. They are very dumb, left pots open ,missing bait containers from others but what really takes the cake is the way they closed up a couple of pots.


Took a list of people who have signed in since I was there last and have narrowed it down to a list of 8 so it wont take long to find the culprits.

The security camera at the gate is now active so it wont do them any good by not signing in.

Think Adrian would have still ended up with around 30 l of tails but would have been a lot more if we hadnt been raided.

Met up with these fellas in the middle of the road on the way back to the gate.


Tried to report them to the duty officer but he was not answering his mobile which was a bit dissappointing.So just hope noone hit one of them.

Also chucked a tread on one of my trailer tyres aqbout a mile from home so I just slowly limped home.


Glad it didnt happen doing 100 on the gateway. Took the opportunity to change the bearings and install a durahub whilst I had trailer jacked up.



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Still would have been nice to be able to get out for a fish today. Nice weather, bit hot but nice. Well done on the redclaw anyway.

Those sharefarmers really peev me off! Ray, can this issue be addressed at the next meeting? or for a news letter to be sent out to all permit holders? Expensive but, i think its time for a reminder before things get tense? Or possibly a warning notice placed next to sign in book?

if only we could replace some pots with detonators for the sharefarmers...



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Letters to permit holders won't change their behavior, the only way to is catch them and revoke their permits permanently.

If they can afford a boating permit, the extra few $$ for traps etc... should be manageable but no, they prefer to pilfer other peoples traps.

They are both lazy and dishonest.

Looks like the only way is to deploy your pots late and be there first thing in the morning!!


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