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Longtails and chinamen


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Hi guys,

Went out with Tristan in the funfisher early sat. am for an inshore fish around the close reefs

was eager to try out the anchovy 95 and within the first few casts over an alright looking patch of reef i got a solid hit with a bit of weight.

the fish was fighting well with some powerful headshakes and was pretty determined but i soon boated a decent sized chinaman fish. pretty cool looking species never seen/caught one before, anyway released it and kept going for a small cod soon after.

from here on Tristan stole the show and kept catching these random sharks anywhere from the bottom to the surface on lures. the big one went very hard and wouldn't give up, turned out to be foul hooked up the date :shock:

We also caught & released some near extinct snapper, and a few sweetlip for a feed

after reef bashing got a bit boring we decided to look for some pelagic action. there were a fair few birds and mac tuna schools working but luck would have it that we were waiting for a southward moving school of mac tuna when a small pod of big longtails started playing up right beside the boat. tristan was johnny on the spot throwing his chovy at em, within 2 seconds his reel was screaming to his PB longtail at ~105cm

Happy with this result we packed it in and had a bit of a troll back, got sick of trolling then legged it home.

weather was good all day and not too hot

pics to follow:









cheers for reading


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Noice one mate. What a good day!

Finally got some trebles into your lures nadders and looking forward to trying them out.

Heading out to the ribbon reefs off Port Douglas in September and would be keen to try some more out there as well :) The toughness of the plastic used appeals to me as there are lots of big things with big teeth there.

Elops: Would not mind hearing more about the vermin in your avatar either :P


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Nice going guys.Good to see the longy i was wondering if your lures would go alright on them. I'll give it a throw next time. Looks like the arkwright if so did you see any mackerel or biteoffs? Ben

gday ben didn't see any mackerel and no biteoffs. was hoping for some spotties to move through but it wasn't to be, consolation prize will do me though



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