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I went fishing today


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and was disgusted...

Hadn't wet a line in two weeks so I encouraged the wife to get up early and have a cruise up Pinkenba way to try and get her a flattie on a plastic.

I haven't done much exploratory work up past that way so was keen to suss out a few land-based spots.

We started at the pink boat-ramp around 6am as the tide was starting to run out. 30 mins with a few half-hearted taps and we moved on stopping at a few likely spots with the help of my ol' mate google maps all the way up to where the pipeline is at the mouth of Boggy Ck.

Everywhere we stopped was disgusting.

Litter everywhere from booze cans to ice and bait packets, filleted mullet, rotting on the sun, busted cheapo combos and km's of 30lb mono around makeshift rods and reels...

No bloody wonder we get such a hard time and a bad rep.

To top off the wretchedness of the area, we came across this at the "park" at the moth of Boggy.


Driving up I thought it was a dead male brushtail but upon closer inspection saw it to be a bloody rat!?!?!

By this stage it was close to 9am, we'd lost a couple of plastics to snags and trees (not me :lol: ) and was just bummed out so we headed for a nice brekky.

The only good thing to come out of the experience was that the wife said...

Wait for it...

"We need a boat". :woohoo:

Time to start saving and looking for a place with a double LUG.

In conclusion, if you're reading this and you've left your crap behind after going for a fish and a few cans...

You're a mongrel.


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Sad but true, and this is why half the wharf and jetties are close to public fishing..All because of the filthy lazy bastards leaving shit laying around everywhere.Gives most fishermen, and ladies a bad rep..I usually try and pick some of the crap up,but you can only tolerate so much cleaning up after swine..

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