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Sapnish mackerel on the palmy


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Late start for our AFO crew on the weekend so we could get a better tide for the bar had us crossing currumbin ck bar at 7am then anchoring 5 minutes later on my spot. The fishing was slow early on but we stuck it out and during the majic hour it all started to happen.

930am was our first strike but it missed the hooks the second strike stuck and Henrys rod was screaming off with blistering speed. The silly braid rod managed to subdue a good spanish after some solid runs and soon Henry had his fish in gaff range. The result was Henry PB sapnaird 109cm


The next strike had Callum well hooked to another solid spanish on his new rod and reel and after another good fight Callum had blooded it in well. 116cm spanaird


The next striked also found the hook and this fish did not want to stop nearly spooling me and after 350m of 30lb line out i turned him. This was a brute giving me curry but after plenty of good runs he was in gaff range again and Henry did the honours with the gaff another first for him.

126cm of spanaird bled all over me




We had 5 to 6 strikes between 930 and 1030 then it was all over so we called it stumps for the day and was back over the bar by 11am. Back at my place the boys help fillet the fish over a few beers a top way to finish the day.

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Well, yes im a complete slack arse, but was awaiting some snaps from henry, but guess we can just add the finishing touches ourself now tugger has started it!!

spewing i missed todays trip, sitting in front of the computer 2 mins after the thread goes up, quick call to the boss asking if she needs picking up wednesday morning, "yes"

a casual 45 mins later after the spots are filled " sorry babe i no longer need a lift" :evil: :evil: cheers for that one, its as if she as logged into AFO reading my mind haha

anyhow few snaps from the trip








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Did a bit of chop and change, merged the new threads together. Except somewhere in the process it broke tuggers two (out of 3) original images.. wheres a table to bang a head against?

Solid fish there boys! Were these on the troll?

Henry, have you been pounding the gym ?

Edit: now all of tuggers images are broken. :pinch: :unsure: The evil forum gods are playing a prank, surely.

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That rod was being used for the bait jig normally thats all i'll allow them to be used for when someone brings onto my boat and i just put it back down on the bottom when a mackerel hit the jig

^^ NO!!!... that's blasphemy on Tuggers boat. Did you take a photo??
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