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Nights Like No Other!


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The night satrted like any other, me saying to the wife just going down to the local spot to hook a few bream! This place is really snag prone so I use the old bait and hook trick and usually get a couple of decent bream.

Not this night........ first cast bang zzzzzzzz and not the big bream I thought it was initially but a very respectful Bass!


moments later to my disbelief I was on again and this time what I thought was another bass was a "first".... Chopper Tailor going 47cm!!



This continues for about an hour safley landing a total of 4 tailor and 4 bream.


Among all the fun I was busted off about 5-6 times by somthing big enough that I just couldn't stop on my 6lb braid and 12 pound leader???

The night finished with me landing a 60-70cm flatty, he flipped out just as I got him to shore snapped the leader and he was gone leaving me to scream F*%KKKKK at the top of my lungs.

I returned the next evening thinking there was no way I could reproduce the same quality as the night before, and I was right it wasnt as good, it was better!!!!!!

Within minutes of being there I had landed yet another first that was one of 4 for the session - my first Jewie! (obviously what had been busting me off the night before)

This time I was armed with my boat reel 20lb braid with a 30lb leader, best fun ever!




and the big boy!!


all in all the best couple of land based fishing I have ever had!!!

Thanks for reading


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