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A Little Tale Of A Big Bass


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All I can say is that is one stupid bass hahaha.  But on a serious note that really is something special.  Very cool to see how it's going and to know that after all that time it is still looking pretty healthy and the tag is still in.  Fish of a lifetime for sure!  You'd think it at least could have grown a cm or 2 just so it could be called a unicorn though!


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13 hours ago, Nog said:

No such thing. As we all know they stop growing at 58.5cm :)

Most bass grow according to supply of food in that dam or creek.One of the reasons why we tag as most waterways are different. Some feed from bait schools, some from shrimp from the edges.Only way to get the age of the fish is from the age rings in the bone.

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Great write up Luke on a grand old lady. My commiserations Dino, I was really hoping you would boat her again when she grew to a 60cm plus bass. I find bass over 55cm can sometimes release poorly. Reason could be the old age of the fish. These bass need to be returned to the water asap. And at times the fisho needs to swim the bass for 10-15 minutes to fully revive it. This is especially so for big river bass when the oxygen level of the water is low. Happy Bassin!

Cheers... Joe. 

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