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Final Hurrah - Cape Trip 25.04


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Hi all,

after agreeing to terms on the sale of the good ship rebel-t on Friday, the old man and I decided on a final hurrah to send the old girl off loaded with even more mojo to the new owner. Weather looked mint so headed out from the port and set a course for the cape.


rocked up at my first spot and the old man had his bag of snapper in less than an hour including a new PB with plenty of unders as well. I spent the time mostly being his decky and trying to hook up one of the countless school macks buzzing around to no avail. They ended up costing me 6 jigheads and 3 slugs though! Gah! Had a school of bonito move in that I kept a few for sushimi and bait/dog food. I snagged two legal snaps and we headed off to our next spot.


things started well with a solid Moses perch and a good grassy added to the box, then a better grassy took my floatline and it too found its way into the box. Had a school of Mack tuna surface near us so first slug into the mix and away we go! A great fight of about 15 minutes on light-ish gear and I had some more dog food to add to the esky. After the tide change the current picked up so we headed south to the next spot. Unfortunately it was plagued with trigger fish. I did manage to hook another Mack tuna which I was going to release but the treble was around its gills so even more dog food.


headed back to the first spot to try and complete the bag of snapper but fell one short, did get the bonus of two more grassys though.


headed back in on sunset over a glassed out bay. Awesome day and a great way to bid farewell to the boat, she has been a faithful servant. 


Cheers for reading



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31 minutes ago, Old Scaley said:

Hope we can get a fishing trip happening soon so you don't get the tremors.

And so he doesn't need to drag me all over the rocks to get his fix !  :lol:.


Good day, good results. Just like most of the rebel-t's journeys. Thanks to you both for the many happy trips. :)

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5 hours ago, Drop Bear said:

Some solid fish there mate. Sounds like a perfect trip. you will be remembering that one for a while im sure. so was that first spot firing through the day or just the dawn sesh?

Didn't get out there until nearly 9am, fired until about 1130. Wasn't really firing on the arvo but we headed back in before dusk. 

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6 minutes ago, Angus said:

Well done! Bonito are under rated cooked as well. Turns white. More related to a dogtooth tuna tuna a ytf, longy, mack tuna etc. Although I am sure that is not news to you @benno573

Completely agree there. Doggies are technically a bonito so that makes sense. I've got no issue with them at all when they're bled and nice and fresh, cooked or uncooked.


they do also make excellent tailor and jew bait though...

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20 hours ago, kmcrosby78 said:

Great haul there mate and glad you fished your last session in the boat with your old fella, nice way to say farewell (to the boat :)). Will have to return the favour and get you out for a fish sometime - saved all your GPS marks .....?  :whistle: :devil:


Gotta extract them all out tomorrow night. Bloke buying the boat is a mate so I'll let him keep some too.

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23 hours ago, Do$tylz said:

nice one Ben.

Sorry to hear about the departure of ol RebelT. Are you looking to replace her?

Not in the short term mate.


i think there's a few people on here who might owe me a decky spot or two so hopefully I'll still get out every now and again.

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