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Qantas Spill Update

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Yeah this went really quiet. 

It is interesting I was listening to a biologist on ABC radio who had some interesting and concerning points to discuss.

  • The two main chemicals that are the concern,  PFOA and PFOS, are extremely toxic.
  • PFOA was found at 50 times the acceptable level.
  • Both chemicals stay around in the system for decades.
  • Bait fish had been found in Moreton Bay around the river mouth with grossly unacceptable levels of both chemicles.
  • Predatory fish would effectively culminate these toxins the more contaminated bait fish they eat.
  • The chemicals are not processed and will stay in these fish for a long time.

I am not naive, I am sure this biologist has an agenda etc. However if even some of this is true it is a real crap situation.


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