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A Very Late Report


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Well I didn't get a chance to write up 2 reports from last week so I figured I should get onto that seeing as I had a few good trips.

On Monday morning I took my girlfriend out for a fish at the dam for her first fish ever. She'd never caught a fish before so as long as we got a few it would be a successful day!  I made sure we had a few shrimp for this trip and luckily my pots that I'd thrown in a few days earlier had enough shrimp for a few hours fishing. On the way down the dam we picked up a few little bass trolling with her first one being a quality bass.

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After arriving at the first spot we started cooking up some bacon, eggs and hash browns (elaborate I know haha) with a few fish coming in here and there. As I was concentrating on getting some rods into the water and cooking up some food I didn't even realise that the spot lock had been bumped off and we were now in the middle of the dam. Well this turned out to be the luckiest thing that happened all day with fish being stacked on the sounder right from the bottom to the top.  I think it took me close to an hour to eat one sanga seeing as the fish were so thick!

This shot isn't even close to how many there were  

This was her PB bass for the day and she also managed a tagged bass too. 

And this pretty much sums up our day :drooling:

We finished up with around 50 bass which wasn't a bad effort for someone who has never been fishing before! She's already said that she wants to come back out again so clearly she had a good first fish. 

On Wednesday I was back out again but this time for a solo session. The fishing initially didn't seem quite as good however I was picking them up here and there, both trolling and jigging. 

I was keen to try a few new methods seeing as I was by myself so after catching one trolling close to the bank I decided to stop and have a cast. I was using a "wiggle wart" that I got from the bass pro shops and on my first cast I got a nice bass near a dead tree. I ended up getting a few bass like this which was a lot of fun.

After having some fun casting I went off trolling again looking for a few bass. At about 12pm I saw a couple of bass on the sounder so dropped down a Nories jig, and seconds after doing that I hooked up to a nice bass, with the sounder beginning to get covered in fish. This made for a fun hour or so and I finished the day with 84 bass and 3 tagged ones.  All in all it was a fun few trips with plenty of fish coming aboard. 


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