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Hi all

I decided to go out for another session this arvo, targeting threadfin salmon. I got the gear ready in my lunch break today (4 rods, 2 for bream/cod/perch, one with a plastic for lizards, and the final one with a live bait rig for salmon). My friend was coming down too, so I went down at about 2:45PM, and had the lines it at about three. 

After I deployed the baits, River Shrimp, I got out the cast net to see if I couldn't get live bait. I threw off the jetty because otherwise it would've been to shallow. The first cast resulted in some small prawns, which I kept purely for bream/cod/perch bait. The next cast I got one or two more. These were a bit of a better size, and I put one out on the jetty for salmon. While I was on the top though, the rod out in the middle of the river went off. I rapidly picked it up to try and set the hooks. Just as I was deeming it a pick attack, the rod next to the pylons also went off. My friend picked this one up, but unfortunately, to my dismay, neither of the rods was on. That left the score with the fish on 2 and us on nil. 

After that, the rods were bait checked (no bait was left), re baited, and re casted. I did some more throws with the cast net, which resulted in more prawns. I was doing one last throw before I went back up to mind the rods for a bit when I realised that something was in my bottom pocket. I pulled up the net, and to my happiness a decent sized mullet was in it. Hooray! This was the bait from last times bust off mystery fish (most likely a big salmon, if you want the full story read Session #22 and #23). I put him in the live bait bucket and started reeling in the big line. When I got it up, there as no bait on it, which was slightly disappointing. The mullet was pinned through the mouth and deployed...

The other rods were then checked and baited with live bait, which were small prawns. My hands and feet were starting to go numb now as well, because it was that cold and windy. I then sat down and watched the rods. For about 15 minutes, apart from the net falling over and some people passing by, it was quiet. No touches. Well, I then decided to get a couple more prawns in the cast net and the bait bucket was filled nicely. I kept fishing with them though, and gave the live mullet line a quick check. Mullet still on hook - check. Mullet still swimming lively - check. Straight back out he went, in hopes of enticing a salmon. 

By now I had given the rod with a placcy a couple flicks, but since the tide was so low it was in efficient. By now, it was nearing 4:30PM, and just before this a family came down. I had seen them before "magnet" fishing, but this time they had a rod, some pilchards by the looks, and a hardbody lure. They stayed for about half an hour, and the boy was just watching me catch prawns the whole time. I gave the salmon line another bait check and the mullet was still going good. Back out it went. The other lines were getting picked now as well, but as I was walking up there one of them went off. It wasn't very big, but whatever it was it dropped it.

About all of ten minutes later, the rod next to the pylons went off. It seemed OK, but it got us in some structure, snagged up, and the hook was no longer in the fish. After a few tries, I eventually put on some gloves and yanked the line hard enough for it to break. I am quite glad it wasn't my knot that broke, but then again, I was annoyed it was a snag. I kept fishing for about another 20 minutes now, and left at about 5. My second donut here in about 2 weeks. What a surprise. I can't remember the last time I've caught nothing there and now I catch nothing twice, LOL. The cart was loaded, and the rods were reeled in and put away last. Upon departure I decided to get a quick sunset snap for AFO so my report wouldn't be a pictureless write up - 

Very gloomy weather!

When I was home, I got a quick shot of the prawns. The cart served well, taking my gear home excellently. The mullet would've been released but my hook gave its mouth a deformed shape and I thought if it had a mouth like that, it might not swim off so I just kept him for bait. Here is the cast netting catches - 

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The catch from netting

Here are the statistics of the trip for anyone interested. My assumption is the sudden cold front has shut the catfish off the bite, and I have read before catfish don't like the cold. In my experience, perch catches increase over Winter, so I think some smaller hooks may be in order. Hopefully the bream catches improve over the Winter as well - 

Statistics of Trip - 

Tide: High at 10:30AM, Low at 4:45PM, 1.8M-.3M. I fished the last of the run out.

Moon Phase: New Moon, so quite a bit of run

Weather: 13c, 63% Humidity, Wind 11Km/h (I think it was way higher but cannot really record it myself)

Air Pressure: 1011.5 (Different to other days I've caught fish)

Bait used: Banana prawns, river shrimp, mullet, live and dead

Bait caught: Banana prawns x 8, mullet x 1, Glassy x 3.

Fish caught: - 

Tackle Used: 6"6' Ugly Stik and Rogue Firepoint Rod, 8" Ugly Stik rod, Size 2500 Shimano Nasci and Diawa Shinobi, Size 1000 Shimano Sienna, 14lb braid mainlines, 15, 20, 30lb leaders, 80lb trace, size 2 and 6 ball and bean sinkers, size 4/o suicide hooks and size 6/o circle hooks, Ecogear plastic, size 1/8th jig head, largish barrel swivel

Crustacean caught: Prawns x 8

Overall Success rate: 40% - Windy, numb hands, cold, donut. At least I got some prawns. 

OK, that is the report done. I may go out again on Sunday, but I think I'm going to have to start wearing thermals as it is that cold, especially for morning sessions. Hopefully the restriction are eased for COVID-19, and we can all stay safe despite it still being around. Hopefully you all enjoyed this report as well, I know it is boring. Sorry for any spelling mistakes. Hope you enjoyed

Cheers Hamish

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8 hours ago, GregOug said:

What amazes me is not the level of detail you put into your reports, but how on earth you remember every nibble, run, prawn caught etc etc. lol. Oh, to be young again.

Hi GregOug

Thanks for that, I normally use the photos I take to help with that, but today there was none so I just thanked myself that my memory worked  I think my memory will start fading with age though, LOL. 

7 hours ago, ellicat said:

Thanks Hamish. We have to have doughnut days so we appreciate the good sessions more.

Hey ellicat

Thanks for that, I have never looked at it that way but it sure seems very correct!

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Cheers Hamish

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    • By rayke1938
      Good day at NPD today with Rick and Neil   Had to work a bit harder than last trip ending up with 99 bass,couple of good yellas and one lone forky.   Would have caught a lot more but Neil wished to tag some bass. He was not up to the task at one stage he had 4 fish queued up in the landing net so Rick and I had to stop while he caught up.   Best bass was around 47cm and Neils yella went a respectable 61cm and Ricks only 56cm   Bit of a drama on the way home as axle on trailer slipped backwards and jammed the tyre into the mudguard so the boat came home on the back of a tilt tray so looks like I have a project tomorrow.

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    • By fishingnut
      Well what can I say, weather was picture perfect and the fish were happy to play the game too.found three different schools and caught them on as many techniques. Also managed another pb for npd. Still chasing a a yella out there they have eluded me for a while but I will find em. Will let the pics do the talking, 36 bass and a whopper forky. 

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    • By Allnighter
      Well, the stars aligned this morning for myself and my two sons, we all had time off work this morning and headed out for a quick fish from the Port of Brissy in search of any pelagics.
      Bashed the beacons for awhile with no schoolies, so headed to an old mark where we have had success before in the middle of nowhere and was pleased to see on the sounder some massive bait balls
      Wasnt too long and off goes the Shimano baitrunner ! 
      Nearly half an hour later and finally boated a nice Longtail Tuna which went just over a metre ......
      Please login or register to view this image Tried to swim it alongside boat for awhile for a graceful release but it was pretty gassed and ended up in the esky for dinnies.... (Lots of dinners i think)
      Happy with that , so decided to make it a short session and back at the ramp by midday leaving behind a gloriously flat bay ! 

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      Hi all
      Since school is back tomorrow I decided to go back out for one last session before I'll have to do a bit more work. I set the timer up for 5:30AM this morning but when I woke up I wasn't feeling to flash so had a rest for another 50 minutes or so. By 6:45AM, I had the lines in and I had cracked the cast net out.
      The lines, baited with dead prawn, were up on the top of the jetty. I walked down to the jetty to see someone had a crab pot in (with paracord for some reason, tangled around the front of the jetty and a milk bottle float) and started throwing the cast net. I threw the net and could feel a couple clicks in it, so I pulled it up eagerly to see some prawns (good size too). One went out on the salmon line, and the others went into the bucket. Just as I was going for the second throw though, I saw the rod at the top getting pecks, and then buckled over. I jogged up the jetty to set the hook and land the fish. First thing after I tighten the drag were some really timid head shakes, but quick ones. This indicated to me it was a River Perch, and after the short fight, I landed him. I lifted him up in one action with the rod, de hooked him, and photographed him. Here is a picture - 

      Please login or register to view this image Decent River Perch
      After that perch, I chucked out another dead prawn (from Friday) and got back to cast netting. The throws were a bit hit and miss, with one or two prawns per cast. After about 5 minutes though, I saw the rod up on the wooden part getting pecks. I hastily got up there to land whatever it was, and I picked it up. At first I was on, and I thought I would be proceeding to bring up my next perch. About half way through the fight though, the line went slack and I realised the fish mustn't of been hooked properly. Disappointed, I reeled the line in and got it back out. 
      By now, it was a bit past seven and I was still doing some more cast netting. Apart from some prawns in my net, it was going a bit quiet... But once again, I saw some picks and pecks on the rod up on the wooden part. I ran up, to try and land this fish (most likely a perch). This time, I didn't even get close to landing it, because it dropped the bait by the time I was up there. I re baited, and got back to cast netting. This time, I felt some OK weight and something swimming around in the net. OK, I thought... Maybe a big mullet. I left it for a bit before pulling it up, only to see the tail of a catfish swimming off as I lifted it. 
      By now, I had enough livies to sit down and fish (about 8, give or take). The salmon line was given a bait check and casted out again, and so were the other lines (this time with small live prawns). Just about then though, I started feeling a pain in my tummy, and one thing turned into another, I'm feeling sick  I was then faced with a dilemma. I told myself if I was going to catch a salmon today, vomiting into the drink would be worth it. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to be the case and while I was half stumbling around looking like I was drunk, I decided that I might need someone to come down because I was now really not feeling it. I asked the passer by to call up my Dad (my phone is yet to have a sim card meaning it's literally a brick outside my home ) and in about 10 minutes he was down. I then had to go, but I made sure to force him to give the net one throw. One prawn was the result, then the rods were reeled up and I was leaving by about quarter past eight. I even beat the old man in his kayak there who pddles every day, I think he was very surprised I left that early. We said "Good morning" briefly, and got back home. I have just been resting today and getting ready to go back to school tomorrow, but here are the statistics of the trip - 
      Stats of Trip - 
      Tide: Low tide 6:10AM, .5M, High tide, 11:40AM, 1.8M. I fished the rise
      Moon Phase: New Moon, so lots of run
      Time Fished: 6:45AM-815AM - Had to cut the session short because of sickness  
      Air Pressure: 1012 (Not 1021, which is what I've had most success in before)
      Weather: 15c, 60% Humidity, 16Km/h winds - Certainly not the best weather
      Bait used: Live and dead banana prawns
      Bait caught: Prawns
      Fish caught: River Perch x 1
      Tackle Used: 14lb and 30lb braid mainlines, 30lb, 15lb, 20lb, fluorocarbon leaders, 80lb trace, size 2 and 6 ball and bean sinkers, large barrel swivel, 4/o circle and suicide hooks, 6"6' Ugly Stik, 8" Ugly Stik, 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, size 1000 Shimano Sienna, Size 2500 Shimano Nasci, Size 650 Penn reel, blood knots, shocker knots, albright knot. 
      Overall Success Rate: 50% - Fish caught but sick and bad weather
      OK, those are the stats done. Hopefully everyone enjoyed this read, even though it wasn't the most exciting read. Hopefully we can all stay safe with COVID-19 and hopefully Australia soon has no cases, because I know Queensland only has one apparently. Hopefully the restrictions are eased more as well! Sorry for any spelling errors either, hopefully any mistake is understandable. 
      Cheers Hamish Please login or register to view this image 
    • By rayke1938
      WE ignored the forecast and braved the cold and wind. It was cold enough but multi layers of clothing kept me warm but was a challenge with negotiating  PFD, rain coat, rainpants, trackydaks,shorts and undies when it came time for a widdle.
      No one told the fish about the crook weather with both Ray Hughes and Mark upgrading their PBs with fish over 50cm.
      The quality of the fish was excellent with several over 50 and lots over 45. I was the only one that did not crack a 50.
      We boated 20 bass by 7am half way down Koala Straight finishing up with 60 bass and 2 tandans from that location.
      We left there and did the shrimp traps and tried one other spot opposite koala straight before moving to Andrews drop off where we increased the tally clicker to 163 bass finishing up at 1pm.
      Cheers Ray

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