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Fishing ettiquette

Aaron H

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What ever happened to respect for other fisherman, don't want to sound like a whinger guys but got really ticked off this afternoon, was down in a spot on the rocks I normally chase Tailor at this afternoon and just caught and released a mackeral and had a couple of hits when another fisherman pulls up beside me and watches me for a bit then as soon as I go to bait up jumps straight into where I was fishing, I politely ask what the **** hell do you think you are doing when he replys in a strong accent its a free country. The guy was lucky my girlfriend was with me and he looked to be getting on in years cause I have developed a great right hook through a few years of boxing. So I stayed right where I was on principal constantly cross lining and tangling and a lot of verbal baiting but he stayed put. Very very frustrating :angry:

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Sh***********t that annoys me , I fish of the rocks a fair bit too and this happens often, some people dont care. Its worse when they cast over you and get their line tangled with yours resulting in the loss of your lure. No courtesy, no common sense perhaps they are plain dumb who knows what these idiots are thinking.


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sounds like the problem i have in the UK is the same the other side of the Pond chaps !

It happened to me last winter when me and a mate were bivvied up ( Tent ) and the weather was bad ! We had been baiting a swim on a lake on the far bank for 2 days and the fish were feeding like mad !.

Then this ole boy of about 70 sat right in the very spot on the far bank hacked the tree to bits and fished there . It was rainging so up went his umbrella as well just to scare ever fish left away.

my mate duncan was soo mad that we soaked aload of bait in petrol from the stove and then started to catapult it one ball at a time at the ole boy whilst setting it alight . within minutes the umbrella was on fire and the ole boy never disturbed us for the remaining three days !!!

bit extreme know and i wouldnt recommend it to all but it was funny at the time !!:evil:

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Brian D wrote:

Ha and I though fishing was a relaxing and de-stressing form of relaxtion.

ha. you should see the end of the north wall of the tweed river when you hook up abig jewie that starts draging you along the wall through everyone elses lines.

you cut them or burn them with a ciggy as you go if anyone says anything most of the regulars put them in thier place.

i've seen it degenerate into fist fights out there,usually when some blow in gets in a regulars spot,we even used to go as far as painting our names on our favourite rock and god help anybody standing on them when you got there.

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One of the most annoying things in fishing is where people decide to fish next to your spot and cast over your line and getting tangled :angry:

Hey Aaron i reckon the best thing to do is to get your knife ready and just cut off his line!! My friend saw someone cut someone elses line at the spit sandpump jetty and said it was the funniest thing he has seen in a while. :)

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Reminds me of a night a few years ago when my mate and I were chasing trevally down at lorne Vic

We were using 2 and 4 pound outfits hopeing for a 100 point fish

My mate hooks up and after a 10 min battle he knew it was going to be a good fish I was at the ready with the long gaff

when these four ethnic types cast over my mate and promptly busted him off:angry:

He sat down carmly not rerigging :blink:

I asked why and he said he needed time to calm down after about 10 more min the ethnic type were back sitting on the edge of the jetty my mate carmly walked over to them and with his boot in their back shoved all 4 into the drink :woohoo:

he then turns to me and says ok now it is time to go (there is a ladder near where they went in)

I cracked up laughing all the way home thinking that will learn them some manners


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