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fishing all geared up, watch this space.


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I already had an account somewhere, I've found it now so I can finally upload some pictures.

It doesn't help that the moment I get home someone gives me a beer that never empties and shots of rice moonshine. The trouble with thailand is the moment your beer is half full, somebody will top it up so you have no idea how much your drinking until you try to stand. 🤣

But anyway the photos, it was a stretch of the Chaophraya River north of Bangkok, I also got told by a regular there that you can catch the giant stingray there so I might have a go at that some time.

Getting to the river took hours longer then expected due to some serious traffic delays moving a backhoe 1st but we got there in the end.

Anyway it started good, people were catching as we arrived and I got two in pretty quick succession, unfortunately we got hit by a monsoon downpour. I went and gutsa jumping a drain to get to the car and after it stopped the bait got soaked and wouldn't stay on the feeder so we left early.

I've got the wife booking me into those arapima parks today so at least I know I'm in for some big fish this week.

The river

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Popular spot

The BIL getting set up

The bait rig, everyone uses them.

My tiny haul.

If someone can tell my why they didn't work I will fix them, bugger.



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Going to e doing s lot of that on Friday I'd say, I'm off to a place called Amazon BKK tomorrow that a lure fishing only park.

Lots of Arapima and Red tail catfish, with a heap of other exotic species as well. The biggest Arapima ie caught there was around 150lb, that was 3 years ago so there must be a few 200lb ones by now.

Fingers crossed for a monster.


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I just realised I forgot to say much about the park. But then I did the report while drinking with the neighbours that took me there. Due to my darlin wife who got me to come back an hour early from fishing had gone our for dinner with a friend and locked me out of the house.

Anyway, that park is called Amazon BKK, it has some great fish but it's very hard fishing compared to other parks. It's also changed hands a bit in the last few years. It was originally owned by a thai family, then last time I was there it had been bought by an English guy that wanted to build a resort there (just before covid) and now it's been bought by a Burmese couple. The price has gone up too, it used to be 3000baht now it's 4000baht plus 500 baht for a guide that was always included before.

But despite the difficulties at that park, every fish I get there I know I worked for it. So now to book into an easier park with more water, more fish and some proper arapima.

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There were 3 Germans there yesterday that caught 9 arapima between them.

I'm going back to that park twice more before I go. The staff are super friendly and helpful and they will sell me some young arapima to put in my pond on the family farm up north.

I'm going to have pet arapima, that's bloody awesome.

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Not even close, my target was about another 20kg heavier, which was probably close to the one I lost.

But next year I've got a shot at some 200kg ones down near krabi. But with two more days at that park I could still hit my 200lb mark there.

Although a funny story about the big one, I've got video of fighting it from across the lake. While I was fighting it a fire ant decided to grab onto my inner thigh and not let go, it hurt like he'll but made for a funny video.

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Been up in the north for the rice harvest, so I haven't gotten to do much fishing, just a hell of a lot of drinking.

But I got out to a local park yesterday that has these crazy fish called anabas or climbing perch.

They are sort of like redfin, prolific breeders, grow quick but are much fatter, far more aggressive, have the strongest bite but can climb out of the water and stay out for up to 8 hours.

I'm going back there in a few days time to try out the tenkara fly rod, I think they are perfect for it.

We kept a feed and I let a dozen go in my pond.

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I had an absolute shocker yesterday, I caught 6 fish but had at least 10 get off. Buy I'm back there tomorrow, re geared up and although a new plan to purely target the arapaima along the banks.

I want my 200lb arapaima.

But anyway I got one little one, 4 red tail and fir something a little different I caught my 1st meter barra, that made the day worthwhile.

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On a side note, I found out why the parks seem to have so many red tail, apparently they are really good at keeping the ponds clean.

I've got an alternative theory, they do that they are a tough fish. So that means parks can have a lot of big fish that can handle being caught a lot to keep people happy while they try to get through them to the more valuable fish.

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It was a real surprise, we thought it might have been an arapaima, but it did feel a little different.

Most of the fish fight deep, but arapaima fight high and so did this, but it wasn't running as much.

I bought some new hooks and leader to tie sine rigs up with, I think I missed the fish that I did as I was using circle hooks with a long bent point, I think that cost me good hook sets. But it's been a great learning experience, so I will see if do better tomorrow when I go back.

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