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My Awoonga Weapons :) .


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Hey There Awoonga Fisho's.

I have just about got my Awoonga Dam Barra outfits sorted. Since I'm bored and I saw Brian's post on his Awoonga outfit. I've decided to post a story and name some stats on my Awoonga outfits. One is new for fishing the timber as well as a bit of trolling and the other is quit a bit lighter, older and just for trolling as it's not up for the timber. :P . I'm also going to load up my soft plastics outfit with a small lure and 8lb Fireline for a bit of fun :woohoo: . Maybe pick up a few Catties on it. :P .


ROD: Yesterday my 2nd hand Ian Miller Shimano Barra Mauler Raider arrived. Its rated at 6-10kgs or 12-20lb and is a short 1 piece 5'6\" rod. I like it. It's bloodly light for its strength and is short meaning accurate casting (With a lure at big as 120mm you can still cast far! :woohoo:)

I picked it up for only $90 ($60 for the rod, $30 for postage) from a fisho up in Cairns off another site. Brand new it usually goes for $150+ and unfortuneately the Aussie rods like the Miller Raider and Starling Squidgy arn't common on ebay since the main sorce of rods usually come from America. :angry: .So I thought I did pretty well price and product wise. ;) .

REEL: I matched the Raider up with a Daiwa Millionaire S.W. 203 which I picked up brand new from Japan off ebay. If your ever looking for the cheapest top quality reels buy them off the same seller I did. I worked it out and he is far cheaper on fishing products then 90% of other users. But he offers free shipping anywhere in the world making him cheaper then the rest. P.M. me if you want his seller I.D.

Anyway I got it for only $220 USD which equates to about $290 AUD when it's sold for $450+ AUD retail in Aus. It's got 5kgs tops of drag which is much stronger then other Barra reels. It's got all the magforce and the rest of it you'd expect on a Daiwa baitcast reel and it's nice and light.

I was going to buy a new release Daiwa Zillion since it had that extra 1kg of drag. But it was quite a bit more expensive and didn't have as much line capacity. :( . Which means I wouldn't have stealth, long distance trolling like I would with the Millionaire.

BRAID: I've got some 50lb Platypus Super Braid to add to the new unit. :P .

LEADER: I'm still trying to decide on what leader to buy and make. I have been reading, watching and hearding that people use all types of twists, knots and extras to get the most out of their leader. Any ideas on what I should do? :S .


ROD: For a rod I'm using my old Uglystick 2000 Plus baitcast rod. This rod is fairly light and is made for American Large Mouth Bass. It's rated at only 3-4.5kgs or 6-9lb, though I have used it on the critters of the Brisbane River with 30lb Braid. It's a fairly whippy single handed rod with a stiff butt. I picked it up for $150 from Amart All Sports 2 years back but you could all most definately pick it up cheaper. That's if you could ever find it! :P .

REEL: I'm using my 2nd ever baitcast reel. It's the ever trusty Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6000. I've had it for 4 years and they are one of the most common baitcaster ever. Its nice and scratched up and has 2.5kgs of drag. It's all most like an Alvey. No ball bearings and minimal parts. Common for surf fisho's. I bought it for $130 back in the day but it's now about $100 due to popularity.

BRAID: I have it loaded with 35lb Fireline X.D.S. which I may down size to 20lb braid if I get bored of catching all of brian's big Barra he keeps saying he's going to get. :P .

LEADER: Will probably use a simple 30lb fluorocarbon leader. No fancy twists. Just 35lb mainline - leader knot - 30 lb fluorocarbon - loop knot - lure.

As for lures I have bought a variety from The Tackle Warehouse. If you buy 10 or more or any lures you get 15% off which equates to at least 1 free lure. (For me I saved $40)Or you can buy 5-9 lures for 10% off.


1 70mm Rapala Skitterpop Popper Surface Lure

1 150mm Shimano Ocea Dog Walker Surface Lure

1 125mm Halco Scorpian 75cm+

1 120mm Halco Laser Pro 1m+

1 120mm Classic 2.5m+

1 120mm Halco Laser Pro 2.5m+

1 125mm Halco Scorpian 3m+

1 90mm Halco Scorpian 4m+

1 125mm Halco Scorpian 4m+

1 80mm Halco Poltergeist 5m+

1 120mm Classic 5m+

2 125mm Halco Scorpian 7m+

1 70mm Jackall TN70 Lipless Crankbait

1 85mm Prawnstar Junior Jerkbait

1 95mm Cheapy Diving Lure I Found At Monduran Dam Depth Unknown.

So I'm all most set for the trip up. Need to buy some leader and a folding anchor for my kayak. After that only got to get money for the car fuel up, boat fuel, kayak transport, accomodation and food :) . Awoonga here we come!

Hopefully all of us will have a good time up there (Except for Brian ;) ) Hopefully they won''t be getting away too often and good luck fellas.

Cheers, Troy

P.S. Post up your Awoonga Barra outfits if you are going up. Only 36 days away! :) .

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Well you've seen my new rod, gotta match it with a reel and line, and I might even put some braid on it! Waiting for the right oportunity to sneak that past the missus! (I was going to do it when she bought Robbie Williams tickets for herself, but since he is back on the drugs she wont risk buying a ticket! she is already sitting on Kylie Minogue and U2 tickets from cancelled concerts!)

I'll also take my trusty Bass Rod and Shimano 2000 series reel with the 6lb mono on it for the ancillary fishing. Might even take my shortened berkley dropshot and comet 350 reel for either catfish or a bit of fun on a big barra (if I get bored with catching them!) be interesting to see how long it takes to get spooled on 12lb mono line!:woohoo:

My boys will take their light shakespeare rods for ancillary fish, and for real heavy gear we will all snavel one of Rays ugly sticks (or similar of his rack), and a reel out of his treasure trove (2 milk crates of reels! if you remember the photo's) each.

ITs hard to believe it is now so close! I supose thats why I have got off my bum and am getting my boat licence today!

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Well ill be using my Culcutta and G Loomis for casting.

And my Viva with Penn for trolling.

Also taking my SP outfit coz i have heard the catfish are huge and that would be some good fun.

Lures i might have to get some more. But i think ill be relying on the Hlaco's and Classics. Also have some large hardbody surface lures that i have been told are great for dusk.

Oh yeah and im taking my surf rod! :P I have this cray idea about catching a barra on a live gar from the bank. Here's hoping.


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I am finding it hard to leave some toys behind , but I gotta make the basic choices or we'll over load the boat with unused items.

The SP rig for sure will get used, like you I'm looking forward to chasing the smaller stuff like Jacks and catties - once we have boated a few Barra.

I got a 3 piece 10' beach rod from that paranha promo - I might get to use it but I'll pack away under the car seat where it won't get noticed. Don't forget that we can run the live baits out in the boat.

How do we catch the gar?

Hey don't forget the pots for the red claw?:huh:

Post edited by: Brian D, at: 2006/10/08 21:11

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We will just use troy's bigun's for live bait!:evil:

I reckon we might be able to get some livies near Benaraby, (where we are staying) east of the bridge is still tidal to my knowledge, so cast nets are allowed there, otherwise its hook and line to get the livies.:pinch:

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The weapons that I was thinking about taking are:

For flicking and casting

1 Daiwa bait caster and rod with 30lb braid.

1 Daiwa SP flick stick with 15lb fireline

For trolling - the boat can troll 4 rods

1 Shamino T 800 on a Big Fin rod with 50lb gel spun

1 Penn combo 220 with 50lb gel spun

1 5'6' baot rod with a 4000 Daiwa and 50lb Braid (also used casting around timber)

1 - Angus model Viva model Penn

I'll leave everything else at home.:(

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Angus wrote:

Well ill be using my Culcutta and G Loomis for casting.

And my Viva with Penn for trolling.

Sorry Angus - I was wrong before - on reflexion you may prefer to bring your penn and I'll leave one of mine at home - Sorry again - I'm a bit used to going solo.

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You don't need to go over the top just for bait. Just a cast net is fine Brian. I always seem to catch way more bait and much quicker too in cast nets. Though without a cast net being legal looks like we will have to do some 2am missions every morning to go catch bait for the day :P .


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