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Do we do something for christmas?


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The Classic is in early December, do we just treat the wind up of the classic as our christmas event, or should we do sometihng additional?

I was thinking an afternoon BBQ at the park next to the Shorncliffe Jetty on a Sunday, possibly the 10th of December.

My idea would be to have a latish BBQ lunch, eat say 2:30 or 3:00pm, that way people can have a bit of a play before we eat and socialise, but after the feed, people could seriously hit the Jetty or Rock Groin afterwards and as far into the night as they wished.

Its a good safe spot for those of us with kids, good little swimming beach with swings, BBQ's toilets etc, and a good fishing spot as well.

What do people think?

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Andrew i woulde mate but i dont think the fiance would like it to much.

That is after all the day of my engagement party :)

Besides that slight dilema i am all for some sort of BBQ or something like that at as an X-mas shin dig.

However bare in mind that it is the holiday season and there may be a few people away or family obligated.


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Yeah well you young people wont take advice of us old farts! Catch and Release! thats my advice! But your girlfriend wont listen!

Day is flexible, but probably towards christmas rather than away. (because of the classic and preperation and wind down) I reckon we do it as a low key thing, bring your own tucker and drink, anyone who wants to show. If we are not really having to cater for people or organise anything except yourself, makes it more relaxed.

There is of course the boat ramp round the corner in cabbage tree creek, pub up the top of the hill and lots of shade from those big Cotton Esters.

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