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Basic kayak questions - on a budget


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So after thinking about this for a while the other half and I have nearly decided that we are going to buy a kayak each. Mine will be set up for fishing/exploring, whilst her's will mainly be setup for exploring with a rod holder or 2.

Seeing as we are on a very tight budget. We've decided on getting something like the one that Dazzamcgee recently got. And we only really plan to be using them in freshwater creeks, dams and the St Lucia to Jindalee stretch of the River.

Basically I want to get an idea of what I'm going to need to set them up and what it's going to cost me, to see if it will be worthwhile for us.

Paddle: What is a reasonably priced paddle worth that is going to be comfortable to use?

Seat: Is a seat necessary?

PFD's: Any affordable PFD2's out there that are comfortable to paddle for a few hours in?

Trolleys:Are trolleys really necessary for a kayak that's only going to weigh around 20kg. Most the spots we plan on going have carparks fairly close to the water, so won't need to carry kayak, esky, rods, tackle etc huge distances to get to the water.

Rod holders: Flush mount or adjustable? I was thinking two flush mount holders on each yak, and an extra adjustable one for trolling with mine. What's the best position to put these holders in, or is it down to personal preference?

Tackle: Do you prefer tackle boxes or tackle bags?

Storage: I was thinking the little esky that I got from the boat show with Bush & Beach subscription for drinks etc, with tackle bag/box on top of the yak. And the phone/wallet/keys/camera etc in the hatches in the hull.

Waterproof Bags: Anyone recommend any good waterproof bags for camera, phone etc?

Leashes: Is it necessary to leash up the rods and paddle?

Anything else I should know?

Hope to be out on the water soon if the budget allows!



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Mate for tight budgets the pacer yaks are value for money!;)

I'm very happy with mine as it gets me around the creek!:)

I'm probably the least qualified person to answer your questions but I'm gunna have ago any.....

Paddle: Basic type, aluminum shaft with plastic ends $40-50.

Seat: GET ONE!! Comfort is important otherwise you will have a sore ass and back within a couple of hour use....

PFD'S: Recommended though I don't use one!!

Trolley: Your choice as it depends on how far the car is from the water.

Rod holders: Forget the flush mount as the adjustable holders will serve you better! Berkley does some for under $30.

Tackle: Tackle bags are the go with a few trays and pockets to put all the bits and pieces.

Storage: 6pak esky and a few occy straps for tying it all in.

Waterproof bags: You can use the large Glad bags/sandwich bags for putting all your valuables in to keep dry or from what I was told there is a waterproof bag that is designed to fit snug inside the hatches? Can anyone confirm?

Leashes: Again your choice! Probably be more of a hindrance than a help.

All for under $200 depending on what ya can scab up!;)

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Paddle - I have only ever used the ones that come with it

Seat - Yes

PFD's - I never use but I am not safety conscious

Trolleys - I never use, just carry yak, especially if there are going to be two of you

Rod holders - for fishing two adjustable Berkleys/scottys at the front are ideal

Tackle - I prefer boxes, personal choice though

Storage - I have a box that I sit behind my seat that fits my lunch tacklebox and anything else I need.

Waterproof bags - I just got the cheap ones from Kmart when they were on special. Jackeroo I think the brand was, never had a problem with them.

Leashes - I made mine out of old phone cords, cable tied at the end with some of that stuff that shrink when you heat it up. Probably won't help if I hook a big one that rips off the rod holder but good enough for the dams and that is the only time when I leash my rods, with my expensive baitcasters.

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What a good thread this is going to be for all newbie yakkers out there.

To answer some of the questions for you as far as I am concerned.

Paddle - I use a powerblade paddle as it has a bigger blade area than most, but personal preference. I have a spare 'regular' kayak paddle floating around which you can have if you want nor need for posting such a great thread.

Seat - Must have for lower back support I think. If you aint confortable then you aint going to keep fishing.

PFD - I have a PeakUK kayaking vest thats a slip over type. Look for any vest that has large arm openings for shoulder rotation and less chafing.

Trolley - Purchased one when on special at Anaconda Logan for $99. I yak alone a fair bit so easy to put yak on trolley, load it up, wheel to water and then trolley back to car. Without a trolley its yak to water, then 2 or 3 trips with gear and same in reverse. Maybe with 2 people all the time you can carry one down at a time all loaded up so dont need the trolley.

Rod Holders - Have 2 flush mounts fitter behind the seat and 2 more fitted on plastic tub in read for storage.

Tackle - I use a small compartment tackle box which fits in the tub I have at rear. A few jig heads, snap swivels and maybe little split shots are all in there.

Storage - Tub on the back with occy straps.

Waterproof Bag - A 4L Sea to Summit bag (the type that you fold over and over and over and then click together is what I use for phone, keys, wallet etc. You can hardly push the air out so cant see water getting in at all.

Leashes - I once knew a girl called 'Leasha. Ohh those sort of leashes. Nah I dont use one as I see it as another tangle object. Just clip paddle in side when not using it.

I will post a pic of my yak with associated gear shortly.

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another Q, are Hobie's the only pedal powered yak.

When you see a yak for sale what does in generally come with?

What is a round about $$$ price to set up a Hobie

Like Mangler is talking, basic gear not the ducks nuts?

Sorry to Hijack your thread Mangler, my wife and I are too thinking about Yaks. My requirements are to fish out of it and hers is to be able to fit the dog on it:dry:

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everyone has given good advice , so i'll add my 2cents worth with approximate values....

pacer kayak = $389.00

cheap alum paddle = $45.00

half decent paddle = $110.00

seat = $50.00

cheap pfd =$18.00

half decent pfd = $79.00

2 self install flushmounts = $10.00

1 swivel rod holder = $25.00

bungie and clips for self install paddle holder = $12.00

6 ltr esky to use as tackle box ( easy and waterproof ) = $20.00

trolley = $99.00

fish keeper net = $5.00

i would set up a pacer with 2 flush mounts , one each side , behind seat...then a swivel rod holder up front for trolling...with my tackle and plastics in the esky behind the seat ( can fit a drink in then as well)...make a bungie paddle keeper on one side of yak...use the fish keeper net ( kmart sell them around $5.00 ) to put the fish in up front , or hang over side to keep fish alive....pfd is personnal choice as is trolley...if you buy 2 of everything , especially from the same shop then i reckon a small $$$$ saving can be negotiated as well....the whole rig would weigh about 22kg , so i would try without a trolley first - they are easy to manouvre and strong enough to drag around a bit anyway..

total for basic set then is = $574.00 + trolley

total for deluxe setup ( better paddle and pfd ) = $700.00 + trolley

EDIT: i tried editing it but it won't stop repeating itself:S

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Guys... are we able ti cull the duplicate posts and quotes to keep the thread size down.


Here is my yak set up and ready to fish


Simple tub in the back is big enough to hold 6 pack esky, anchor and rope, plastics, and also has 2 rod holds screwed to it for storage.


I keep the centre hatch open and have siliconed an icecream tub in there to hold knife, pliers, leader etc all within easy reach. I can screw the hatch down for surf entry and exits. The waterproof bag clips in the front hatch and holds valuables and the rear hatch (under the tub) has an inbuilt bag and holds my lunch!

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if you are serious enough mate do your maths before you purchace, then weigh up or come and see me and ill run you through what i have here for sale 2 profishes 1 with humminbird sounder/gps combo everything you could possibly want, plus eer thought at first yes the second one may be for the missus but what if she says i don't feel like comming today well you prolly might concider taking a good fishing buddie and he will have the best of it all as well for the price i don't think you can come close!

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Booty - I do remember that thread, also remember when you got that kayak for such a good price!

Confused - I've seen your two, they look great, with some very good prices for what's included! But unfortunately they are a bit more serious than what I'm after and about 3 times my budget :( .

All I really want is something to have some fun in for now, as there is a tinny in the pipeline too, but not sure how long that pipeline is just yet :laugh:

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rob316 wrote:

i'm sorry for the post - like multiplying - i don't know why it happens - it is only on this site - AFO- hence me not posting much.....i'm sort of in IT and still can't figure it out.....definately not intentional anyways guys...cheers

Mod Tip for The Day No.2

Don't use square brackets - they make strange things like duplication happen



PS I'm not in IT but worked it out awhile back when it happened to me:laugh: Just one of those things I guess:P :laugh:

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thanks for the tip :cheer:

and to stay within a decent price range but with a better yak for the money in my opinion , my first post i had the pacer as the yak - but after looking at and actually taking the viking nemo and espri for a paddle a while back - they seem better suited for a fishing/cruising yak....and the 10yr hull guarantee is always a bonus!!

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There's been a few capsizes - the guys in the surf coming back in or heading out. A few things that weren't strapped down got lost (and/or broken). Also, seem to remember fishyman or his mate Anth on their maiden voyage went over as well.

Always a good tale for a laugh for those not affected:laugh:

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Sorry for this (lol) but...

I too am considering a first kayak and I have some even more basic Q's than these.

Firstly, how easy is it to capsize? I'm not too keen on heading to the surf, but I would really like to start paddling around the middle reaches of the river (maybe around the schultz/nudgee area as well)

The last time i kayaked was 10 years ago on a school trip, up at maroon dam lol. Needless to say i don't really remember how to kayak, and I'm a bit worried about getting capsized by waves from a boat or some such, would hate to risk losing all that gear, so how much skill/luck is actually needed not to capsize during boat waves?

I'm a bit heavier of a bloke, around 105 kilos, does that hurt or help me?

lastly, some of the 2-seater kayaks- are they usable with just one person, or do you really need two people to keep it in the water right?

Thanks as always fellas


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Not sure about the 2 person kayaks, but it is pretty hard to capsize any fishing kayak. Unless you try going out in the surf, your pretty much fine. Schulz, Nudgee and the rivver would all be almost completely safe unless there were insane weather conditions or you were in a very shallow area when a massive boat such as a freight ship or a massive riviera type boat went past and the wash caught you on the side. They're really stable.

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Avoid anywhere there is ski lice, and you shouldn't have to much trouble.

I've had mine a couple of weeks, and have done a couple of trips just to get used to it (no fishing gear etc), I'm picking nice quiet spots so I can concentrate on sorting myself out.

In my case its also about building some fitness, the odd extra donut over the last few years has not done me much good in terms of stamina!

Only came close to coming out once, trying to negotiate my way through some mangroves, when the current pushed me against a tree, same time as I hooked the paddle in the branch overhead.

I've sussed out the videos on correct paddling technique and I am valiantly trying to do it, hopefully practice will sort it out.

My other issue is also donut related, those rod holders down near my feet are for viewing only at this stage! Have not got a hope of reaching them! Same goes for twisting around to access the rear compartment, need to build a little flexibility!

As for carry or trolley, carry is awkward but doable, paddle in one hand, yak over other shoulder can easily cart it quit a distance. Just need to take a bit of care on slippery ground picking it up or putting it down. Dont know that your wife would be able to do it though, requires a little bit of brute strength.

Perhaps a good compromise might be a trolley for hers, load all the gear on her yak and carry yours to the water? Also you can cut up a furniture to make a trolley for well under $50, but a fancy one that mounts on the yak or collapses for storage in the yak saves a trip back to the car. (Hey - give your wife something to do while your loading the gear from her yak to yours ;) )

The Kayak is very stable, more stable than a canoe, biggest surprise for me was steering it. The yak gets going pretty quick, and maintains speed, so dont expect the extra lazy stroke on one side to change direction of the yak. Needs a good sharp stroke or a back paddle on the relevant side.

With the double paddle in a kayak your going to get water in the yak, no way around it, (drips run down the handle until they hit the rings and fall into the yak) its not much and you dont notice until you stand up and the cold breeze hits your but!

I am using the glad resealable bags for my phone and car keys in the centre hold, camera is a "slobber camera" so doesn't matter.

My paddle floats, but I will add some clips so it can mount along the side out of the way for when I get around to doing some fishing.

At this stage for a PDF I am just carrying a blockie in the rear well, but I am seriously considering a manual inflatable.

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My first advice is to TEST paddle vs peddle!

I just picked up my Hobie Revolution on Saturday. To say that "For Fishing" it is the most awesome thing I have ever experienced......

First up the Price.....yes they are more expensive than the other brands but in my opinion they are worth every cent....why?

Well something that had been bothering me (apart from my dicky shoulder) was that when I went fishing in high tidal areas I could never hold my position. Case in point TerryH and I went fishing at the mouth, we pulled up to a jetty but the current kept on taking me upstream, where he just kept on slow peddling and kept on casting....in half an hour he landed 4 fish to my 0! With paddle Kayaks you have to paddle upstream then drift past the pontoon or pier/structure that you want to target.

The second example was on the weekend. My missus is using a friend of our paddle kayak, we headed out on the Noosa river near the mouth, the tide was rushing in, not a problem as we were heading into Noosa to watch the Tri, our plan was to take the outgoing tide back..but decided to head back early. She had a shit of a time paddling back so we pulled up on a sand island and let Milo go for a run (and a wee!) Anyway I let her peddle the Hobie back the 2km back to the car. I grabbed the paddle and brown dog and proceeded to struggle against the tide, we approached the mouth where the water was really strong, she pulled up next to me and I hung on to the Hobie, she stepped on the gas and peddled us across a good 400m....I was blown away!!! My missus Sue, will not have any other kayak!!!! (I am going to buy either an adventure island or a Outback)

Your legs are stronger than your arms and shoulders - fact!

I was so stoked I had to hop in one more time and go for a peddle, as I was heading out a chap from Caloundra came around the point, he has a tempo with a electric motor onboard. We chatted awhile and we went our separate ways. Anyway back at the car he landed and pulled his yak up as he had parked next to me. He was a bit envious of the Hobie and admitted that he hated dragging battery's/electric motors plus all the yak stuff.

With a Hobie you can peddle, paddle and sail...(I just watched the dvd that came with the kayak! )

By the sounds the Adventure might be the one to go for, it covers distance. but for fishability you just can't beat a Hobie.

Coming from someone who loved the Prowler 4.5 that is saying something.

For ocean trolling the Prowler was fantastic, it's high bow cut through the job and waves really well but in river, high current areas that we have 90% of the time...hands free fishing is the way to go.

$2500 with ST Fins, Bigger Rudder, 2x Scotty extended scoty rod holders plus the plug in trolley (free), dry bag, water bottle and seat all as standard.

Hand on my heart...the dark side is a great place!

Have a go on paddle yaks and then have a go on a Hobie....

Just a foot note, to all kayakers especially Fishing kayakers, I in no way am putting any other brand down cause I think they all have their place in the market....just stating my opinion.

If you paddle or peddle as long as your out there!

my 2 cents





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peddle power was my best friend, Jimmybob just hitched me up and dragged me home, plus when the novelty of paddling wore off it still meant a few more hours out on the water for him!

I'm with you Feral I got soaked even with those little rubber things, so definately must be technique!

maybe even technique doesn't always come in to it when it comes to capsizing I think how much stuff you loose might go hand in hand with the speed of your reactions and of course your temper! as terry has witnessed!

Jimmybob has lost about 6 mobiles phones this year alone, snapped a rod or two, stuffed a Sony cybershot camera and thats just what he's told me!

Getting back to balance, I managed to very discretly change from long pants to swimmers and back to shorts all comfortably and I'm incredibly uncoordinated!

Those hatches can store an amazing amount of stuff when packed right, its just a bugger digging through to get something at the bottom, and we just had our lunch in one of those insulated esky bags occy strapped to the back....

Comfy seat is a must even for those with the extra donut padding, I learnt that the hard way as Jimmybob kept the seats in our bedroom (dedicated) so it was forgotten once but for me it's all about the legroom, need to be able to stretch out and enjoy the view from time to time aka arvo snooze!

weight wasn't a problem, I could carry the Nemo, but just not lift it up onto the roof racks!

just a girls point of view but I thought it might help convincing the missus!

and yes Booty- NICE YAK!!! [img size=320]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/DSC02996.jpg


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even if you capsize and jump back in, you can take them out to drain it as much as possibleand then reinsert.

Feral: ah ok

Yeah my legs were wet sometimes, not that I worried given the whole walking in the water in the first place lol.

I only ever notice if shorts or higher get wet.

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Been a v good post this one and has left me considering trying a Hobie next.:)

Tried out a Prowler 13 Wednesday in the Pine and weaved in and out of the pylons of the bridge...caught a few bream, but all smallies.

Suprised to get a Pinkie.:lol:

"Awful" to see all those people off to work.:laugh:

Had to keep repositioning with incoming tide and down the rod to get back to work around the pylons.

Hmmm...Hobie would be different...

Many thanks to Batman and others for their thoughts here.. [img size=375]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/DSC00194_AFO.jpg


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