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Oxley Brisbane River sesh [ 17 June 09 ]


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Hey everyone, im pretty new here :silly: Wanna get stuck into researching what sp's to get and lures soon + a good rod & spin reel combo + line etc etc but anyhoo..

Just went 2mins from my house to a spot at oxley, brissy river cos i was bored from study (sigh) - used deadbait; chicken and prawns and got a few nibbles which i couldn't hookup then got smashed by something. a few runs later and the most retarded running pattern pulled up a 50cm eel! Awsome fun, even more fun :side: trying to get the hook out and chuck it back in as it was so slippery. THen it got dark and mozzies came out so i went home. All in all stayed about 1hour and got the eel =]

Anyone around bris that fishes bris river / heads down to coast let me know as i'd tag along for trips - try to go at least once a month down to the coast or out on my gfs dads boat so yeh


ps - anyone know any good spots around oxley/brisbane river aarea i could try with some sp's?

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Hey mate

Oxley creek still produces some really good fish.

my mate and i live in graceville and we fish that jetty quite a bit.

I think you should step up your tactics a lil bit to get the good fish. We always alot of success live baiting at the mouth of the creek at night. It usually fires just as the tide stops running in and begins flushing out. All the big predators wait out the front usually. If you buy a net theres always heaps of prawns and mullet to catch for bait.

P.S. never tried any lure fishing there or seen any lure caught fish. I think its pretty hard work up stream.

Maybe we'll see you down there sometime



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DG89 whereabouts do u fish? floating plontoon next to corinda chip n put?.. i fished this little stream thats about 3m across.. further down have pulled in bream but need waders as its pretty dirty. Whereabouts do u fish? i ask cos sometimes too lazy and weather atm (rain etc) down coast means its less likely to get anything so wanna try something near..

I've had some success @ kangaroo point w/ pike n bream but not a jew yet, parents friends pulled in a 2 then a 2.5kg few weeks back so i need to find their spot.

When im in the boat we normally hitup the rockwall on wavebreak - over to the south straddie side of the rockwall (north?) and south but always with deadbait.. my slugs and sps are coming out next time =]

get back to my dg cos im on holidays from uni atm ^_^ 11hour shifts suck tho!

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