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NPD with Zimman 19/6/09.


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Met at gate at 6.45 and when other decky didnt turn up went down and launched.

We had a fairly good day with 5 bass,one yella and 2 tandanus boated.

Sent Zimman home with a feed of fish and redclaw. Zimman has all the photos so will leave it to him to post and relate the full story.



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A day of many firsts :)

I arrived at sparrows, around 5.20am, met feral for the first time, then met Ray for the fist time as well.

It was a nice day, not nearly as cold as i was expecting. We launched the boat and trolled to the magic spot. Scenery is awesome out there. Not taker during the trolling.


We used shrimp as bait (another first for me). Whilst the baits were out i went through a list of lures i wanted to try, some impressed some did not. If i remember correctly, Ray was first on with a tandanus. Then i think a bass, both on shrimp. I decided to try something different and put on an armor shad flick bait and i used a corolina rig for it. About 10 minutes later i got slammed and was rewarded with a new PB bass at 47cm. I love the fight of a bass :woohoo:




Then things went a little quite, Rayke got another fish, then i removed the sinker from my shrimp set up to try and be a bit more competitive. It seemed to work as my next fish was a yellowbelly, another PB for me.



After that i got a tandanus (another first) and then another bass. Rayke got another two bass i think as well.

Soon it was time to go and check out the redclaw traps, i have done this either so it was interesting to see.


All up we caught 5 bass, 2 tandanus, 1 yellowbelly and some redclaw.

I want to thank Rayke for putting up with my incessant questions all though the day.I was so curious on a bunch of things, i was like a 5 year old. :blush: I learnt a lot and had a ball :woohoo:

it sure beating working on a friday.

thanks for reading

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The Boys are collecting a few breeders today, so if your out there and get some bass, there is a truck tyre floating near the ramp, this is holding up a large keeper net. Just drop your healthy specimens in there and they will go to the fish breeders.

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great report fellas, congrats on the PBS.

I also ask quite a few questions out on the water, it is a great way to learn, and Ray knows a lot of answers too.

A carolina rig...is that the one with a "running" bullet head sinker down to a bead above the SP?

Thanks for sharing?


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Jealous guys!

My medical for a new career had to come first I regret. :(

Good to one getting caught on SP as well. Especially in a different technique than is typical.

I should get you Rob to do a but of a write up on Carolina rigs for Damiki plastics :)


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