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Trying afew things around the Goldy...


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G'day Boys,

Went down the coast for the weekend with my g.f - one of my mates and his mrs came too. My mate has a tinny with a 25 on the back so the plan was to try our luck in afew different areas down around surfers / southport.

We wanted to try the North Wall on the Seaway but being a first for the both of us we were cautious to begin with as it was only 5am and still really dark when we first got there.. The weather didn't make us feel unsafe but it certainly wasn't ideal. Was quite amazed just how ballsy some people are with getting as close to the wall as they can. I guess with practice you get better and thats what we decided and after throwing slugs from around 40-50m away for no fish - so we decided to head into the broadwater. Where my mate got acouple of just under 30cm Big Eye Trev's and I got a 25cm Bream.

Headed out for another dawn mission on Sunday too where we decided to focus our attention infront of Marina Mirage with Poppers. We got a good hit on the surface each but couldn't stick one. Then I stuck this 42cm Tailor on 4lb main & 6lb leader on a R2S 65. Was very lucky he only had lure in his mouth or I'd have lost him for sure. Once the sun came up we went for a drift through the canals casting plastics on the edges for flathead. My mate nabbed 2 and I got one all on and just under 40.

Fun weekend though.

Chris Fishing_Pictures_001_AFO.jpg

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Cowfish13 wrote:

Reidy FTW!!!! Hahaha

Nice sesh mate. You're game tieing on a R2S 65 on 4lb gear. I'd be too afraid that something too big would grab it :D haha

Thanks mate. Was out of pure lazyness more than anything.. I was fishing for Bream in Marina Mirage and was too lazy to switch leader and throw my spool of 8lb on.. Your right though - very lucky. I would have backed myself with a Trev as it was fairly open water and their blubbery lips aren't too violent on leader but as soon as I saw it was a Tailor I was more or less waiting for him to close his mouth and end it. Fortunately his gob was filled with lure and not leader. :)

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