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Bassing Today


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After a few false starts over the last few days,Kiwifisho and I went in search of the Bass which would kickstart my wild Bass fishing days.

We arrived there just after five and Kiwi had warned me that it would be closer to dark when the Bass would come on the chew.

Kiwi began with a little sx 40 whilst I began with an imitation sx 40.We had no luck for about 15 minutes so changed lures to surface poppers.My popper was a sinker so Kiwi was kind enough to lend me one of his.Well dimwit here decided to let the Popper climb a tree and then my knot gave way :S .Doh.

We hadn't had much success and we were beginning to think I was a jinx.Kiwi reverted to his trusty Sx 40 whilst I went to my Chubby Jackal.Just before dark,Kiwi says I'm on.In comes a nice Bass.A couple of casts later and he's on again.I begin to think that not only am I crapp at saltwater fishing but can't get crapp in the fresh either.

I stopped(with my lure floating on the surface)to see Kiwi's catch then turned to start the retrieve and "BANG" I'm on.Gees what a good fight this bugger had in it.In she comes and bragmat out for a healthy 42cm.Great start I though to myself.

We go neck and neck for a while then I pull clear of Kiwi 5 fish to 3(two of my fish almost swallowed the lot of the jackal they were that hungry.)Kiwi begins ribbing me about outfishing him.It was pretty dark now and suddenly Kiwi's even with me.Anyhow,I go to cast again and catch Kiwi's line then have to cut my line to free the braid tangle :angry: Kiwi begins casting again in search of the victory Bass whilst I'm furiously trrying to tie my lure with the minimal light from my headlamp.

Kiwi pulls in and I say I am rigged and having one more cast.I told Kiwi"this cast would put me in front".On the retrieve I am on again to give me six for the sesh and kiwi five for the sesh.(sesh lasted 1 3/4 hours)

I would like to thank Kiwi for allowing me to tag along and teaching me the finer points of luring certain styles.I had a blast and was smiling all the way home.Kiwi was probably smiling at my reaction to a bloody cane toad jumping near me in the dark(I thought it was a snake nearby)Definately gonna Bass more as I found it excellent fun and a great fighting fish.Once again thanks mate and to all those other Bass virgins out there,have a crack cos you won't look back.


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Adam...nice fish but ya got the species wrong first 2 letters are correct you needed rra after them...did u get to barra fish Cordalba ??? By the way 1 kg whiting around Tin Can Bay are...piccies were in local paper, greg from work just got back from 2 weeks hols at his place down there and showed some pics of his whiting on steroids.again well done and tight lines son

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