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afo christmas party morning after

jeff f

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Great arvo/nite.I am sure everyone had a ball.Thanks to Sam and Jeremy who entertained us with the fishing simulator.A good indication of what sort of night it was is the fact that there haven't been any other posts about the party yet as there are probably too many hangovers to contend with and focussing would be too difficult :X

It was good to meet some more of the AFO crew.Even better when you confuse those serving the drinks and manage to get drinks cheaper than supposed to.Woo Hoo

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so what a top afternoon .

could u ask for more . good company ,laughs and beers .

met new people ,caught up with other and so on.

camera took 34 pictures out of the 34 ,got 14 that are ok .

lots where blurry or dark .

u will see the funny way my camera bends straight things.

so i'll put the pic's up soon.

anyways thanks gus afo and every1 there for a top night .

some1 left there glasses in the car .

calvin klein.

i'm holding them hostage for a trip in a boat :) :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: ;)


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had a awesome time! great to catch up with old mates and meet some new ones!

had to leave early (thanx anyway to gus and shortie trying to convince the missus for me to stay) ended up having to go to a engagment party..i was well and truly tanked by then! :laugh:

cant wait till the next get together!

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shortie wrote:

Naa Mrs Shortie was the first to land one on the pro setting but the bucks day guy did get the highest score

My mistake shortie.Sure was surprised when the buck did so well especially after my coaxing him to regurgitate what he had just drunk by doin the ole imitation vomiting sound.

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ahahaha... man I didn't even realise I'd lost my sunnies till this morning on my way to work... :) Dave they musta been next to the kiddies seat :P

What a arvo/night. EPIC. Was frikking awesome to catch up with everyone and meet newies.

Jeff - hahaha... mate you loved em.... red bull and vodkas a pretty good... make it a red bull and wild turkey

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