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It is a falacy.


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Do not believe anyone who tells you that fish bite just before a storm.

Went to NPD this morning.

The stars were out at Redland Bay when I left home but it was raining as soon as I went over the gateway.

The rain eased off when I got to the gate

Baited up my pots and had noticed some fish on the sounder near a drop off so dropped a couple of shrimp down for no interest so decided to check my pots every hour or so as I was fishing near to them.

Checked the pots for a good haul and then decided to troll around for a bit before checking the pots again..

It started to drizzle and the rain just got heavier and heavier to the stage that visibility was only around 100 yards and I was trolling along my gps track.and I was having to run the bilge pump.

Mext thing KAPOW!! nearly sh!t myself lightning and thunder.

Quickly lied my rods in the bottom of the boat and put on my life jacket just as it started to blow as wellas the rain and thunder.

Found out that I have to twist the jacket sideways to fit it over my head and its a very difficult task to don it when wearing rain gear as the plastic life jacket sticks to my rain coat.

Lesson learnt will keep the good jacket handy in future rather than the el cheepo one that doesnt matter if it blows out when towing the boat.

Didnt know what to do

.Made the decision to make my way back to the ramp rather than go ashore and sit it out and by the time I got back to the ramp it was all over.

Reckon that they also must have had a lot of rain up in the headwaters last night as the water level increased a few inches in the 4 hours that I was there.

Looks like there will be more restocking at Youngs tonight when they open the gates again.

Left the pots baited up so should be some redclaw in them on Wednesday when I go back.



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