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2012, everything about fishing so far.


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Haven't been fishing that often since the first day of 2012, but I still think i had a great start.

Well, I picked up rod and reel for the very first time since March 2011. Since then I just can't stop fishing. It is sooo addictive.

I promised myself to wet a line on the very first day of this year.


Lucky man, I will buy a boat if i won it.


Here it is, my very first fish of 2012. I worried for few seconds that it could be a toad fish.

Just the day before my trip to China, I decided to fish at the breakfast creek, the day ended up with a nice flathead and a lovely jewie. Let both of them go, and asked my fishing god to give me a good fishing year in return ;););)



Didn't do much fishing in China and Hongkong, but went wetting the line once, this is the result of a whole day fishing in the wet and cold winter.


I just loved the view there.


And here is the dinner i had for one night. It is not only a fish, it is a toad fish!! First time ever for me, and i have to say i dont like it.....


I came back to Brissy in early March, went out with charter to try to get a spaniard, but failed...-_-!!, Again.


Then went back to redcliffe to keep chasing my first legal jew, still failed. My biggest one was around 72cm,,,, still waiting for that magic 75cm!


Last weekend, went out with my girlfriend's piano student's family to get that little girl's first fish, and we did it. So much fun went fishing with kids ;)


Well, that is what happening so far for me in 2012. Just wishing my fishing god would love me more ;);););)


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@ Kreel and keen-as-fisho. I heard that they need to get a license to cook the toad fish, so i think i wont be dead. haha, frankly speaking, the meat taste great, the tail part tastes really sweat, the part i hate is that the chef kept the skin on, i really hate that! I know the feeling when we got a toad fishing and hold in with hands, it was disgusting. But definitely, no matter how dilicious they potentially are, I will never eat it again!

PS: Anyone knows when the pier at sandgate will be fixed?

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