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10 hours ago, Old Scaley said:

I am wrestling with my approach this year (again). Do I tip with my heart and pick the Qld teams every week like I have done every year, or do the smart thing and tip the most likely winner and learn to live with my guilty conscience? Nobody ever accused me of being smart so it is likely that @Drop Bear and I will duke it out for the wooden spoon in 2022. God help us in 2023 when there are 4 teams to back!

Perhaps get the missus to sign up too Steve. Then you might be motivated to tip 'smartly' to ensure you beat her ..... 🙂

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Well, it's that time... winter Olympics over, now it's time to check out the NRLW, ladies form...

NRLW 2022 kicks off this Sunday
There will be five rounds in the NRLW this year.
Each game of the 2022 season will be broadcast live on free-to-air on Nine's primary channel, and also on Fox Sports and Kayo.

The NRLW regular season begins on February 27 2022 and ends March 27 2022.The top 4 teams advance to the semi-finals on April 3, the 2 semi winners will play  the NRLW Grand Final  on April 10.
https://www.sportingnews.com/au/league/news/nrlw-2022-when-is-it-fixture-team-lists-how-to-watch-and-betting-odds/1k7m6j2jcau8k13s3925jqs7sm#:~:text=Each game of the 2022,via Fox Sports and Kayo.

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21 hours ago, ellicat said:

Make sure it is the latest app version. Maybe uninstall then reinstall from the app store.

If you go in via the NRL.com website, make sure you clear your cache and cookies if you have a problem.


Thanks mate. I have done all that but the App just shows an ad and nothing else and the website just throws me to the App again. Can’t think of anything else to try. I may have to miss out this year. That means @DropBear and @Old Scaley will almost certainly end up as the wooden spooners now!

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5 hours ago, Angry51 said:

Greg, Go to NRL Tipping on google search.

click on comps, put in code---AL3T6VN7

Should come up as AFO NRL 2022

Go to my tips and select your tips for first round.

Hope that helps

Thanks @Angry51 but I’ve done all that too. When I go to the NRL Tipping page, whatever I do it asks me to register. When I try it says I already have.




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