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*Stocking A Creek With Fish*


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Hey i have a creek preety much 20 meters down the road and its cut off from the rest of the creek due to the drought at the moment and there is no fish down there:(...if i decided to put some fish in it would they survive or would i be wasting time and money on fish which are about to die...also if they will survive what sort of fish should i put in it...the creek is about ten meters long and at its widest about 3 meters and at its deepest 1.5 meters but can be deeper after rain...there is lots of trees and scrubs etc to give the fish some places to hide and all...cheers and hoping for some suggestions.


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Yeah Tandanus Catfish seem a hardy fish. As long as there are not forkies around!

And i have seen Spangled perch in much smaller bodies of water. Actually i would not be surprised if they are not already there. I had a Spangled in my tank for years that came from a creek in Brookfield. The one near Rafting Ground rd.

As Dave said make they are native. Otherwise you will almost certainly be doing something illegal.

Good luck though.


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