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Biggest Catches

Terry H

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I concur with Angus:)

Thanks webmaster, I'm excited to see what the biggest fish are that have been caught:)

However, how should it work? like Biggest fish of \"species x\" in each region?

Like biggest bullie in Brisbane River;

Biggest bullie in the bay. etc etc

I'd imagine it would be slightly easier to catch a big shark out in the bay, than say the Brisbane river.

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I was going to say teh same thing.

As of now that is.

I mean i could say \"yes well that 30ft tiger shark i caught in the river at south bank the other day was great do i get a record\"?

But i think that might not work.

So once the record book is established we can start at zero all.

And as far as locations. To make it feasable and fun, we should do \"River and Other\" to avoid having like a thousand sub locations etc.

My two cents.


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BIG DAVE 1 wrote:

i beleive u mate its a good catch. Your daughter seems to have the hang of getting some good bass. how did they taste? are theya bit muddy?

No not muddy, but like most freshwater fish - tending to tastless . At least they are a lean fish, not fatty like yellow belly.

Taste a bit like a cross between oversize whiting and bream?

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how about breaking up the categories as per the pics section? i mean if i caught a 4 foot bull in the bay it would be like meh, but if i could a 4 footer at kookaburra park, i would be very impressed! actually considering some old pics of Neil Schultz's crew have proved this to be done...

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Mate thats sort of where Petrie an i are heading with it.

Like River and Other.

For exactly the reason you specified.

But you are right, i have seen shultz with what must be a 5 footer up around Karana.

Cant wait for summer.

All nighters at Kookooburra with a bbq and some beers.

Anyone keen?

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