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Rod Snapped


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Depends on the type of rod.

Generally the easiest way to do it is to take it back to the next runner, and replace it with a new tip. Makes the rod a fair bit stiffer and reduces casting distance, but it is still usable.

Most tackle shops would do it for yyou for under $20. (If you do the prep, about $7 or $8 to fit a tip)

If it is a solid tip rod, it may be possible to have the tip replaced. dunno about price or who to do it.

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I have a mate who lives in redland bay who does good work at a very reasonable price. He is currently making up the loomis blanks that i purchased on ebay for me.

Give him a ring or drop in and see him .

He also has a good range of reconditioned rods at very reasonable prices.

You have a couple of options with your rod as feral said just replace the tip or convert the rod to a 2 piece by cutting the rod lower down and replacing the complete top of it or sometimes john is able to internally spline the rod and rejoin it, It all depends on the value of the rod and how the repair will affect the action. If you live locally i would drop in and see john.

John Ford

240 Main St

Redland Bay 32068048

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