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The \"Captain\" rides again


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Well got a call from Ray last night, as you know he and his mate scooted off to Glenlyon a couple of days early, just so he could get some early bragging rights on those big cod!

Well what I can say - the Captain rides again!

He gets just outside of Stanthorpe in some roadworks, and notices that the road gets really rough really quickly, a kilometre or two later its all smooth again. Just thinks to himself, typical roadworks! He gets down the other end of the roadworks and the traffic controller pulls him over.

Apparently the traffic controller wants to discuss the wheel that came off his trailer a few kilometres back in the middle of the roadworks! Well the Captain apparently tells him he's dreaming, no wheel came of HIS trailer! So he gets invited to hop out and have a look. Yep wheel gone, studs buggered! :blink:

So the roadworks crew retrieve his wheel, but she's stuffed, all the holes flogged out. So out comes the spare. Flat. So down they go and pump it up from the Graders compressor (DMR Graders generally run their own compressors for those not in the know). Then they stick the loader bucket under the boat, lift her up, put on a spare hub the Captain had with him and on goes the spare.

Then he tells me they have fished for a day and a half, have not had so much as a single fish, the boat battery was cactus when he went to launch her after lunch, (sounder etc left on) the back up battery was cactus, had been to long since charging, so he had to borrow his mates back up battery to get going.

Then he lost a lure trying to troll for cod.!

Not a very happy Captain!

At least he did not let on to the road crew who he was, I work with them all the time, I'd never hear the end it if they knew he was my old man!

So know my boat trailer is once again not ready for use, I've had to pull a wheel and hub off it to take up to Glenlyon so the Captain has a spare to get him home!:(

BOy am I glad I did not tow his boat up to Glenlyon, as was planned at one stage!

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So funning but so sad at the same time. Poor bugger - but Feral you sound like you enjoyed the tragedy like a faithfull son would.

I have a couple of questions.

Is this the same bloke who offered to help me fix a trailer?

Who carries a spare hub anyway (whatever that is)?

How the hell do you put it on?

Does jumping out early for bragging rights ever pay off?

How do you not know a wheel comes off?

Is this what I can lok forward to in retirement?

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Sure is! - these things are always funny afterwards when no one was hurt, and the financial cost was minimal. However they can be quite serious if it all goes wrong. Ray was lucky, it could have been a lot more expensive experience, or even caused serious injury.

That's exactly why I bought a new trailer - I would hate for a wheel to come off with a heavy boat like mine and having such a small car - I was affraid that it would roll the car.

But yeah - lucky we can laugh about it and he's OK.

Please accept and pass onto to Ray my opologoes for pulling out but I think you understand that the wife wins - especially over to smelly fisherman.

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