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boat rock spangled emporor


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took my son to boat rock on the saturday to get him a snapper knowing it was going to be a cracker weather wise. crossed the bar at 7am and was fishing 30 minutes later in about 35m of water and found no current at all. went with no.3 sinkers and float lined down squid and pilchards into a bearly trail. lot of small fish to begin with came aboard so i let out 20m of rope and settled in again. i found my pilchards baits were having there heads crushed so i threaded the hook through from the tail first and had the hook coming out just before its gill plates.then put a half hitch aroud its tail with the leader and feed it out slowly till i could feal them puling line off. first good fish was a parrot that went 45cm on a squid bait then followed closely by my sons squire that went 42cm. 2 more squire around 40cm were landed using my pilchard baits about 5 minutes later and it looked like a good bite was starting. a small squire around 37cm was boated soon after then nothing for a good hour thats when i cut up a tuna into bits for burley. was about half way through the tuna when i had a screaming run on a rod that i was feeding out. took a bit to turn his head and get him off the bottom and we netted a brute of a spangeled emporor. he went over 80cm and topped the box up so we decided to head home [img size=512

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