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Off to Chinchilla


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hey guys

Heading off to Chinchilla tomorow with a mate from school who lives down their.

planning on fishing the creeks there for 2 days or so for some yellas or maybe try the condabine river for some cod,yellas, or even some big carp :)

and then prbs going to Boondoomba dam for a day or 2, so im looking forward to it.

Report will be sometime late next week.



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Best of luck mate. I don't know if your mate has it sussed but you may want to try some of these spots. Charlies creek way out passed the dump...The rifle range on the Condamine...Wambo Creek. If your mates a local he should know these spots.

The first and last spot would be the best lure options. The rifle range is good for bait fishing. I've got some other really good spots out there but it would take you a full days walk just to reach them.

The fishing is tough out there but just keep your lures moving slow and you never know what might pounce on them.

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