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Shultz Canal Breambo's


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hey everyone been a while since i have posted a report, been getting a fair share of good fish such as whiting, bream, cod, jewfish, little queenies, trevs, jewies etc from good old shultz.

Got a call yesterday arvo from Kiwifisho asking me to join him on a bass hunt, was keen as but seems the flu was getting me down so sent him a text last night letting him know i unfortunetly would not be going (sorry mate). Was rudely awoken this morning at 8 by a bird flying into the window this morning, felt like **** so i decided to hang around home for the day.

Got the call at 9:00 to meet my mate pat down at shultz as the bullies were on (How can you resist that haha), got down there and no bait. Decided to scrap the sharking idea after an hour and a half of cast netting for nothing and target some of the local bream on the light gear.

Headed straight to the rockwall with no success so knew it was going to be a tough one. Decided to flick the pylons for a while, first cast and the corner and was absolutely inialated busted off within 2 seconds of the plastic hitting the water. Re-rigged and decided to jump up on the pylon and drop a vibe that my mate makes hits the bottom 1 lift 2 lift drop bang zzzzzzz wooohoooo excellent fight with myself struggling to keep him away from the pylons and my mate comfort lifts him onto the pylon. Instantly knew he was a persoanl best, a few quick photo's and a measure and he is released to fight another day. He was a healthy 37cm bream weighing a little bit over the kilo mark.



Decided to swap to a plastic seeing as though i only had my 6lb leader (i prefer 8lb on vibes) and that was my only vibe left. Worked the pylon for another hour pulling in 5 more breambo's 32cm,30cm, 28cm and 2 at 25cm. All fish were released to fight another day and were taken on 85mm squiddgy wrigglers in bloodworm, 2" gulp shrimp in banana prawn and on the vibe.







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Thanks everyone, yeah that is the new bridge has been holding a fair few good fish in the past weeks.










Just a few random pics from me and another mate, not big fish but still good fun on the blades and on 2lb-6lb braid. Trevs only to 25cm, baby queenies to 35cm but seen a few bigger ones and jewies to about 60cm. Have been smoked a few times but its good fun.


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lethalsaints wrote:

Very nice, good pictures too, you try for prawns early in the year in shultz i have mates that go out of there way to head to shultz because of prawning...

yeah i have gotten plenty out of there before, a bit of a welcome by catch when trying to catch shark bait as you get them by the kilo at times and quality sized too. mmmm prawns.... :P

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Sizes : The smaller blades are 48mm and the larger blades are 62mm .

Weights : 48mm blades come in 1/4 and 3/8 and the 62mm blades come in 1/2 , 5/8 and 3/4.

With these blades i tend to use a faster retreive like as soon as it touches quick hop and pretty much keeping it just off the bottom. They seem to get smashed by fish of all sizes from bream about 10cm to 70cm flatties, 60cm GT's and up to 90cm jewies so far on the smaller blades. Generally with tt and other brands of blades i can only seem to be successful on the slower retreive i am not sure if its because of the colour i am clueless.

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brissy fish wrote:

hey there guys,

Sorry but im having a blonde moment and i want to know where shultz canal is??? and where is the best places to fish there?? hooks or lures, which is the best to use there??


brissy for for Schultz tactics have a good read through the Brisbane River & Creeks Reports section. There must be at least 100 reports from there!


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Shultz or schultz canal how ever you spell it can be very hit and miss, if i am fishing landbased i will start at nudgee road and work my way day the creek flicking lures at every fishy spot. If boat based i head straight to the places that is covered by mangroves that generally landbased people can not. This creek gets alot of fishing pressure but there is the odd big fish to be caught. I was speaking to some locals last monday and they managed to pull a 7kg cod from a spot up further and another guy pulled a 2kg bream on a lure out of no where. So there is rather large fish to be caught you just have to put in the hours like most places on the northside of brisbane.

Shultz canal is that little creek that runs behind toombul shopping center thats also known as the kedron brook floodway. This creek end up at Nudgee beach leading out into the bay.

I hope this helps,

cheers Nic

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