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Anyone want a bike?


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lol kev

springs in the clutch .

the front forks leak oil when i ride it .hehe

the quad we broke the ally bracket that holds the rear spring,but fixed it with steel parts.

can't stay off them kev ,there to much fun .

about 1 third of the size and weight of the rider and doing 20 kms and your ass a foot off the ground great fun.

u can get them air born on a jump too .just lift all your body weight up as u hit the jump and the bike fallows .lol

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Questions from other members : Minibike, pocket bike, kid's motorbike, waste of money!

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Q: I am 73 and have a busted leg- does this qualify as a mobility device under Medicare? You must be the reincarnation of Mark Twain. I laughed until tears ran down my face. Thank you for making my day so enjoyable! Nov-03-09

A: Enjoyable day - with a busted leg. You wait 'til I list my boat for sale, that will make you happy and it may just be what you need for your rehab. Good luck with straightening out coat hangers to scratch those itches. Cheers.

Q: I'm just trying to get a size perspective. In your second photo, is that a single Chop Stick that the bike is resting on, or a tooth pick?... Thanks. Nov-03-09

A: I'ts a chopstick, didn't you see the soy sauce stain on it? The bike was in aingapore nooodle dish that I ate about three hundred years ago.

Q: Hi Hollywood Last week I was out in the sand dunes at Reef beach near Bremar Bay WA without warning I flew over the handle bars of my brand new KLX 450r it then launched from behind me and used my body to break its fall (it to may be possesed by the devil). My question to you is - Are you willing to swap this beast for my new bike as I feel a drop in power may be in order for me THANKS Yours in anticipation Railway :-) Nov-03-09

A: For sure. I'll give you two of these just for the front wheel of your bike. You need to wear a string of garlic when you ride the KLK.

Q: excellent work ,would you consider swapping it for a tyre swan . some tibetan yak cheese, and a volvo hat. regards Nov-03-09

A: A tyre swan, now I've never had one of those before. What does it do? I've had a few volvos, and a few hats to match. I don't like yak cheese but I'm very interested in the tyre swan.

Q: hey man iv come up with a good use for the rocket. a bong .fill the air cleaner with hippie weed light it and suck on the exhaust now iv got the hippies thinking about buying it hope you sell it steve Nov-03-09

A: The last thing some hippie would want is a beard tangled up in a poor excuse for a chain and sprocket. It would be good to watch though.

Q: I have read your discription of this item with intrest and have come to the opinion that it is not a childs bike, but infact one of saddams missing weapons of mass distruction and the trail of fire it leaves behind when started up is from not the carby but a faulty thruster engine. i think you should contact border control and inform them. Did the friend who gave it you have a name that started with Bin?I look forward to your reply. Nov-03-09

A: I contacted customs and asked why they would let something like this into the country. They told me that when they tapped it on the counter, no bugs fell out of it, just half a piston and some spring onions. I asked them to send me a fine just for owning it, but they wouldn't unless I tried to take it out of the country in boogie board cover. I think it did have something to do with Bin, maybe Shouldbeinbin Later.

Q: Hi, I wanted to know if I buy this bike, if you'd personally fill it with petrol and let me watch you burn rubber.. I might actually make my money back by putting it on youtube, which gets seen by Oprah, which gets me a book deal, which gets a movie made? Just a thought. Anyway, with the financial crisis and everything it's hard to part with the sort of serious cash you are asking for it but I'd be happy to swap it for a packet of clothes pegs and a shower-cap (which has hardly been used)... yes, also a half squeezed orange that I used the other day to add some zest into my toilet bowl.? Actually now that I think of it I could possibly up that by handing over my limited edition Samantha Fox poster I used to jerk off to in the early 80's? Please reply, this bike looks perfect for me.. thanks in advance. Nov-02-09

A: Yes, I'll do as you have requested, but I need a cut of the earnings. I wish I kept my ABBA poster.

Q: Where do I meet you to exchange the donkey for the bike? Nov-02-09

A: Before I commit, how old is the Donkey? You'll have to meet me at Karuah so that I can put the donkey to work on my collection of octopus beaks.

Q: Hi I'm thinking about joining the crusty demons and going on a world tour, is this the bike for me Nov-02-09

A: No, it's too safe for what they get up to. You need the trike of death.

Q: My maiden aunt's dowry consists of a donkey, two live goats, 5 united states dollars, and a penguin. Is that a fair trade? Nov-02-09

A: Yes, but can I take the dowry instead of the aunt. I need a donkey and you can never have too many goats or penguins. My last penguind died after I accidently fed it to an owl.

Q: I don't have two frozen chooks. Would you accept one frozen chook, a slab of Coopers and my maiden aunt's hand in marriage? Nov-02-09

A: I already have six wives, five have already fallen victim to the Trike of Death. Shame.

Q: I don't have any money. Will you accept a frozen chicken? Nov-02-09

A: If you came in with that offer when the bike started at $6.99 I would have jumped at the idea. Now it would cost you two frozen chooks and a case of Coopers sparkling ale.

Q: Hey Mate, I've got a yellow road bike type pocket bike, I think it might be made by the same kid... (handle bars and foot pegs are loose, and the back tyre doesnt inflate) would you be interested in doing a swap? Cheers Nov-02-09

A: I think the loose handlebars and foot pegs are a built in speed limiting device. If you ride too fast you die, no more speed. I'll think about the swap though.

Q: great description hollywood. and a word of advice; i would go to your family doctor and have blood work done, as it is a well known fact that the chinese have been exporting devices with enough lead in them to kill a full grown rhinocerous. and since your "delicate areas" are what actually touches said device, i would be especially concerned... Nov-02-09

A: I have had a blood test recently, but I put the high lead levels down to the fact that I used to sit on my back verandah with a mouth full of air rifle pellets, shooting pegs off the clothes line for six hours a day.

Q: I am thinking of placing this in many bike shows around Australia, do you think the write up would win or the bike?? Nov-02-09

A: There's a good chance that the bike will win, maybe an encouragement award.


A: Brand? I think it was left up to the buyer to give these things a brand. The problem was that the factory manager couldn't translate the chinese phrase, "Oh no, look, this one is worse than the last one" So they left them unbranded.

Q: G'day there! just wondering if I don't bid on this and it doesn't sell would you re-list the item and rewrite the description a bit more honestly?? Cheers!! :P (awesome effort btw and could you post a pic of the glove on ya head too!) Nov-02-09

A: I hope for the sake of the whole world that this thing does sell. It will put an end to these deceptive ads I've been writing. I'll see what I can do about the glove pic!

Q: Just thought I'd let you know that you've given me a huge laugh. I hope you sell your bike....no, I really do....just not to me. Nov-02-09

A: I've got a guy that's really keen on it. I told him that if he wants it that badly, he'll have to bring along a doctor's certificate to prove that he has made a rational decision.

Q: G'day Mr. Bigshot, I've spoken to a mate of mine who runs the kiddie rides at a circus, he is contemplating adding this bike to the Merry Go Round for the boys and was wondering if it has a hole in the middle to accomodate the pole it will go up and down on? Also told him about 'The Trike of Death" and we is trying to figure out a way this could be made into a "Big Top" main feature Nov-02-09

A: I think it does have a hole in the middle, it was where the quality was meant to go. I too thought about sending the Trike of Death to the circus and wondered if it would go into the sphere of death.

Q: Hi there. if i win the auction, are you able to dispose of the item for me?? Nov-02-09

A: Yes, I'll do something interesting with it and post the results!

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