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Nickers New Bling....


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kriso wrote:

wooo hooo! nice one guys! surely you must have a few leave passes up your sleave after that ring mate! lol

Tom doesn't need a leave pass to go fishing.. he goes whenever he wants anyway!! :laugh: :laugh: He just has to put up with my bad mood after he has been out for 12 hours with Do$tylz! :laugh: :laugh:

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Do$tylz wrote:

Yay :) congrats guys.

haha... yeah that was sorta my fault for Tom getting home late. But hey... its not like you weren't invited to join us :)

Best wishes and the ring looks like it'll leave a good imprint on a forehead :D

Thanks Henry!! I'll come out on the boat next time (just make sure there is no parties the night before!!) :S :S

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