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a new 1 to the family


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well now i'm a grandfather .

so a bit of history .

my eldest 2 children are step children not ( biological )made by me .

but i have raised them since they where bubs ,still in nappies ,not walking age.

so even thought they not blood or look like me they my kids anyway.

so the eldest of them ,the girl had a kid today,so now i'm a : GRAND DAVO DINKUM.

so its a boy .

born at 5:50 pm.

weight 8lbs 8 oz.

52 cm long .

decent size ,not a small bub.

so here is a pic ,3 hrs old .


dam big sucker .

tomorrow i will try to get a brad mat pic ;)

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thanks guys .

they are doing well.

i'm off to see them today ,going to try and get a brad mat pic .

been stirring daughter for months saying i'm take a pic of the bub on the brag mat.

new fishing buddy when he gets bigger,for sure .

i have a plan take him fishing ,heaps of lollies and red cordial ,hype him up and hand him back :)

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shortie wrote:

congrats and i hope youve got your bed back.

hopefully she moves back with boyfriend .

that way i got my couch and bed back ,it seams which ever one i wanted to use at the time she was using .

i have more need for both of them now ,for a arvo grandpa naps .

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