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Palmy before the rain


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Got up at 6am on saturday to look outside and realise the weather report for the morning was way out so i packed the boat late and got going by 7am. There were a few boys keen to go this morning but we all decided to call it off the day before with the forecast. I got to the bar and it was good so we headed for the reef all of 5 minutes away and anchored with only about 10 other boats with us on the reef.

We jigged for livies and got a few yakkas so we put 1 out and a few pilchards and started to burley to help bring them around. Got our first hit about 20minutes in but didn't boat it so we kept at it only to lose a few more mackerel over the next 20 minutes. Then the livey went off and my son stepped up to the challange with it running hard and going from 1 side of the boat to the other. It was boated with a photo taken of the spanish then into the slurry before getting back into it.

There were a few more strikes with 1 spotty on for a while until it was boat side but alas the hook broke free. It was thime to go with the ice nearly gone in the box we headed back and crossed the bar just under 2 hours after going out.





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they take both live and pilchards baits when they are around and just got a report they fired really hard today while we were skiing in the creek as i talked to a few boys when they got back to the ramp so we are hitting them again tomorrow

mark I see you have had a few good sessions out there. are they mainly taking the livies or are they taking the pilchards too?
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