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Yamba ABT


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Dan and I Headed down to Yamba for the ABT comp yesterday. We had a great weekend with heaps of fish caught. After setting up on friday lunch time we hit the water. We both caught a few under sized fish including bream and flathead. Saturdays prefish went well, to well, I caught roughly 8 legal fish (after finding out how the ABT measure there fish now, instead of fork length at 25 its 26cm to a stretched tail :blink: ) 7 of the fish were either just on or a centimeter over, however I landed a horse of a bream that went 35 to the fork. I was in tight behind a pontoon and rock wall casting in to the rocks then rolling it past the posts, he took a P21 crackjack 48mm in the funa colour :woohoo:



Shortly after landing the fish I got abused by the farting owner, he tried telling us that he owned the water frontage four meters out form the rock retaining walls past the pontoon as well, then he went on to say that it was rude that we were fishing on there property while they were eating breakfast and that it was like having a barbecue on someones driveway. I just sat there laughing and said, well we'll be back tomorrow morning for the barbi. Dumb poo head.

During the prefish Dan got onto a nice school jew taken beside a pontoon on a three inch ecogear grub, I'm sure he will post the pics up.

Sunday had arrived and we both had no idea on tactics apart from hitting the flats early for the surface bite and fishin in old mates front yard :lol:



So at the flats first up I caught four bream in the first twenty minutes with one going the legal 26 to the stretched tail. Then I headed to my barbi invitation but he wasn't there so I went ahead and fished in his yard and got nothing so headed up toward Oyster cove. On the way I peppered the mangroves for another just legal around 26.5 off the surface. The water up that way was extremely fresh and poo brown so I headed back into the main river and fished the wall where I got a decent Bream of 30cm to the fork so probably 32.5 to a stretched tail :unsure: and again it was taken on the P21 crackjack 48 in the funa colour, this lure proved very effective on the big clarence bream.

So I finally had my full bag and it was only 11am so I had a solid two hours to find some upgrades but fatigue had sat in and I struggled to get a bite. Back at the weigh in everyone had struggled to get a decent fish with the big bream only 600g, the average was around 300g. My bag came in at 1.14kg and tied 2nd place with Will lee :woohoo: So I came away with $135 cash a prize pack of fluro, braid, gulp plastics, hobie dry bag and three sp wallets plus a position in the grand final down at Port Macqaurie on 29th and 30th of October.


Super stoked about coming second even though it was a tie, had a great weekend. Next sunday its round 3 of the KFT down at Budds beach then off to Redcliffe for the ABT Queensland titles on the 2nd and 3rd of July.

Be patient with me there's heaps of pics to upload B)

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nice stuff dennis and thats a great bream as well. pity about the clown and his i own this attitude but the world cant be full of only good people. chops are needed as well to balance things out.

funa is one of my personal favourites.

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Well done Den, I'm not too sure about this measuring technique though. You've only just got me converted to the fork method! Next time it will be measuring from the nose to the date!

I'm not fussed on measuring to a stretched tail, its not legal in the fishery's eyes, but it is legal length pus 1 cm for the comp so 26cm so I guess in reality it is 'legal'.

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Well done again Den, and good luck in the final! :woohoo:

It was a fun couple days fishin and Yamba is definitely an awesome place. Highlight of the trip would have to be my first small jewy caught right up close to a pontoon in the pre-fish on 3lb mainline and 4lb leader, and also my first top water bream.

On game day, early on I got my first legal off the flats on a popper, and that was the only legal I got throughout the day. I caught plenty of undersized fish throughout the day though. I fished right to the end and if I was a minute later I would have started losing weight off my one and only fish. :lol:. A bit disappointed with how the day turned out, but at least i didn't donut. B) My one fish was 300grams, and got me 16th place out of 21 guys. Looking forward to Redcliffe now, hopefully do better there. :)

Heres some pics



Headin to the flats


One of many flattys on an atomic hardz shallow diver


One of many bream this size


Legal Pre-fish bream


Jewy hookup on the Ecogear Grub



Hooked up to the Thumper Bream



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Beautiful part of the world. Well done on the fishing guys and congrats on the placing KAF. :woohoo:

What song were you singing ?

The Goldern Casket song, 'Oh how I wish I would win the lotto, So I wouldn't have to Plumb any more, blah, blah, blah, I want to win the lotto' :lol::lol::lol:

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:blink: This is like the 8 time i have looked at this post, i have enjoyed this report alot in every way.This has been 1 of the best posts/reports i have enjoyed viewing@reading....WELL DONE BOYS ;):)
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yesterday when I told Nickers about your success, she asked if 'we' (baden, shortie, me, etc) would stop picking on you........I laughed at her a little :whistle:

Jealousys a bitch, isn't it mate :lol::lol:

I don't care how well she does I'll always pick on Nickers!

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