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PB Cobia


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Hey guys,

I went out for a fish yesterday arvo off one of the reefs on the Gold Coast on my girlfriend's brother boat chasing some snapper. Headed out around 2.30pm and was at the spot around 3.30 and had anchored up. Swell was a little large but wasn't too bad.

We were fishing in about 40-50 metres of water and I checked on a whole pillie. Had a few nibbles and bait was gone. Threw on another pillie and cast it out. Within 20 seconds I feel another little bite, then all of a sudden I'm hooked up on to something BIG!!! At first I thought I had the bottom as all I could feel was weight and no head shakes or anything. Then all of a sudden it just starts running!!!

Long story short, I ended up pulling this BEAST of a cobia up and it took me about 20 minutes to get it in the boat!!! This is my first off shore fishing trip on a boat and I couldn't believe me luck!!!

We didn't end up with any snapper but got some decent sized trag-jew and a yellow-fin tuna to top it all off!!!

Thanks for reading!!!



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Thanks guys!!!

We were fishing off one of the reefs about 4km off the shore sort of inline with Q1 on the Gold Coast. I can't remember the name of the spot but it was in about 40-50 metres of water.

I was so stoked as I usually just fish in estuaries for bream and flathead. I will never forget the feeling of catching that cobia because my arms were absolutely stretched!!! Forearms are still sore today!!! hahaha... But I could definitely get used to this feeling!!!

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