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Keen-as-Fisho opens his Marlin account


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On Sunday I head out with Keen-As-Fisho (Denis) and Jarryd to Cape Moreton. Being tired from the day before up at the Barwon Banks we hit the water at 4.30am. It was a lumpy trip over the bay and a rough trip over the banks at Cape Moreton. We decided to setup the spread (lures) and get into the trolling. About 200m into the troll little flying fish exploded around use. Jarryd had only just finished saying that this was a good sign when Denis sees a Marlin come half way out of the water and hit the pakula on the right hand outrigger and "Fish On" . It was Denis' turn to land a Marlin so he jumps on the rod while Jarryd clears the other rods. The first run strips 300m of braid off the reel and he was down to backing. We had to turn the boat and start to chase before all the rods were in.

A great fight ensued and the fish was at the boat in about 15 mins. I grab the leader but I was sacred to wrap the leader around my hand. Good thing I didn't as the marlin took off and would have pulled me overboard. Denis fought the Marlin for another 10 mins and this time the fish was knocked up. I grabbed the leader and tried to remember all the points that lance had told me and managed a safe grab on the bill but this fish was way to big for me on my own so Denis had to grab the tail and help it into the boat. Wahoo Denis pops his cherry and the Walrus opens this seasons account. It went 2.25m and I reckon it would have been all of 60kg, by far the biggest Marlin in the boat and well done Denis.

After that we tried to troll around Hutchies but there was way to much traffic and it seemed that everybody would not work together to allow each other to troll properly together so we decided to head up to Coloundra Wide before the wind picked up. On the way up we hit ups some Dollies and the guys managed 10 on plastics which was a first for me.

Once up at Coloundra Wide I sounded over some marks but there was nothing much showing. We sounded around for a while and found a ledge jumping up 10 to 15m from the bottom. We dropped on that and had immediate success. We worked this mark for a while we had several triple hookups of Good Sized Trag Jews, Hussar and a 50cm Tuskie.

What a great day with a lot of fish caught and some memories for Denis that will last for some time. Cheers guys.










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nice work ted, major props to your for taking blokes out and putting them on their first billies. im sure he'll remember that day for a long time to come ( most likely forever lol). seeing reports like this just amps me up to go out and get my very first marlin this summer very well done to you all and look forward to your future reports over the pelagic season. cheers sef

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