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Amazing Stanly River Session...


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... if your a bird watcher.

This is what was caught. A big fat...


Its a shame. Dont head up there (well the stretch we usually hit) until there has been some rain. The pools that usually hold fish are literally ankle deep. We went for a huge walk trying to find some deeper water. We were actually pretty optimistic as we figured if there is a deeper pool around it must surely hold a few!

Anyway It was not be. Covered some serious ground so we at least told ourselves it was not due to lack of effort!



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ellicat wrote:

Is that a wood duck, or is it real :laugh: :laugh:

Half your luck just being there..

Nah it's a Male Mallard duck but you were close it does float like wood :woohoo: :P

An old retired mate of mine armed with some stale bread used to go to the local man made impoundment feed the already fat ducks and grab a nice one by the neck and into his bag :woohoo: destination tonite's Dinner :silly:

One of the bigest poachers I ever met poor buggers not with us now bet the ducks are glad LOL

Cheers Gaz

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