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breamer bass

jeff f

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after reading wes's post i decided to go try for a bass in the breamer this morning.

its pretty hard to get to the water its either thick rank grass or fenced off.

wound up under the brassal bridge.

tried topwater for an hour for no result :(

tried shallow diver for 1/2 an hour for 1 bump :)

tied on a 2m diver and gota bump on the first cast :)

got a brief hook up on the second cast :pinch:

smashed on the third cast and pulling drag on the gunslinger/1000stradic/2lb crystal and 3lb leader :woohoo:

after a risky deadlift up the bank she went 43cm

called newy to stir him up :evil:

next cast smashed and bricked in the snagpile on the other side :blink:

put the light gear back in the car and grabbed bassriader/calcutta50/6lb braid/6lb leader

first cast and find a mid stream snag :pinch:

re rigged, cast 2 turns of the handle and onto another good fish went 42 cm

went a bit quiet and after 1/2an hour decided on a final cast and got bump... bump... hookup

this one went 40 :P

packed up and went home very happy with my local breakfast session

no pics camera shat itself last weekend

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