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A Quick Hello + Question about Sunglasses of choice???

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Hey guys,

I have been on here for about 2 months now following the threads and figured it was time to say a quick hello. This seems to be a very friendly and well run forum. Great to see how you guys help each other out with tips and info, aswell as contribute by donating time, items and funds etc to keep the forum flowing.

Since moving to Brisbane 6 years ago I have had the opportunity to do a lot more fishing with most of it being carried out in the bay and the annual trip to Hinchinbrook. I've already learnt quite a lot from many of the threads posted on here and continue to do so.

Before signing off I wanted to get some opinions on Polarised Sunglasses for fishing. I recently went fishing down on Sydney harbour with a childhood mate. Whilst there I started to get a bit worried as he was spotting fish a lot sooner and easier than I could. I was wearing a pair of Polarised Ray Bans with normal plastic lenses and he was wearing a pair of Polarised Costa Del Mars with Amber/Copper coloured Glass lenses. After a couple of hours of this I asked to try out his glasses and the difference was astounding. Although my glasses are polarised my mates with the coloured lenses could see much further into the water and were far more clearer.

Im now looking to purchase a decent pair of fishing glasses and wanted to get some opinions on brands and lens colours that work best?

All suggestions and opinions are welcomed. Thanks for the help


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Yeah I have owned FlyingFisherman but they live on the bottom of the seaway now.

I am now wearing a pair of TONICs and loving them.

I went the Green lenses over the gray as the photo chromatic doo dad is amazing. I dont quite understand the science but essentially it results in higher contrast pulling the spectrum apart which is what allows you to see into the water.

Other glasses (Spotters etc) have this feature but not combined with any UV protection which results in that "fried eye" feeling at the end of the day. Tonics (thanks to the added green layer in the lense) avoid this problem...



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Hey mate Tonic's are awseome doug the owner has spent countless hours putting thought into designing the lense and the end product is excellent. If you were to choose a pair of sunnies purley on vision you cant go past these. (yes im supported by tonics but one look through them will show you why i choose to wear them) check out there websit Tonic eyewear

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I have tonics and flying fishermans, both are great, excellent in fact. The tonics have the photo romantic lens and is a glass lens. Any of them would be solid choices

Photo Romantic Lens.

Whose Photo. :whistle: :whistle:

Haha, damn iPad autocorrect

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