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Next Friday Night

Brian D

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Brian there are plenty of Squid at Amity from experence.

Only place i have caught them in the day as well.

Also Grassy Sweetlip could be a target.

I dont know much about the nobbies though.

Wish i could come mate but i have a corporate ball :P

Lucky i know some decent people going as these things can be a bore.

Oh well, at least the booze is plentiful and free :P


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mate if ya goin to mud just look for the fleet...it is always packed out there these days but they still get the snapper...but there are other spots round the island and theres st helena aswell..i have never fished there at night thou...im sure there wouild be great fishing there still...im jealous now..i have not been chasing snapper for ages....

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Coorerate Ball or Fishing - Angus I am very dissopointed in you - your priorities are all screwed up. And I thought you were a fisherman!

Lets look at this from a neutral position. You will be in a suit in a nice room with free booze, complimentary food and lovely gals hanging of your shoulder and I will be in a boat in the middle of the bay with a temp of about 7 and a chill factor of about 4 with a dead squid for company and a coffee that tastes like frozen pilly's.

What's wrong with you!

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He's young Brian, give him time.

There are several stages in a mans life.

15 to 25

Horny as hell and know nothing about women.He gets very little.

25 to 35

Know enough about women to get lots, but unfortunately got hooked by one. Wish you knew back then (15 to 25) what you know now, coz you would have \"got\" a lot more while you were still single

35 to 45

Know enough about women to be glad you did not know at 15 to 25 what you knew at 25 to 35! they are all nuts!

45 and over

You know going fishing is much more enjoyable a pastime!

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