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DIY Shrimp trap. rustproof,eel proof, redclaw resistant.


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Not certain where to post this with a lot of the old categories now missing..

I have been having problems with my old wastepaper basket shrimp traps rusting out in NPD so back to the drawing board.

I have been trying to source some plastic mesh around 2ft wide with no success but have located some fine mesh gutterguard that is around 8 inches wide.at several hardware stores.Cheapest is Masters then bunnings.Varies between 6 to 10 dollars

It comes in rolls of about 26 ft long,

first off a visit to K Mart aqnd purchase 10 flying discs from the toy dept for $1 each.


Place a mark on one edge of the disc and roll it along a length of timber to get the circumference and add an inch to give a small overlap and you now have the length that you need to cut the gutterguard into.

You will get 10 lenghts which will make 5 traps.

Next step is to join the lengths,

Take 2 lengths and lie one on top of the other.


Then start joining using cable ties but at this stage do not tighten the ties.


Once you have joined


them flip one side over and then tighten the cable ties and snip off the loose ends.

Now get your flying disc and cut a suitable hole in the centre using a hole saw. I use 2l soft drink bottles for the funnel so I cut the hole slightly less in diameter. You also need to make 4 holes adjacent to the centre hole to secure the soft drink funnel and also holes. around the outside of the disc to attach the gutterguard. I use an small electric soldering iron but only do this in a well ventilated area.You can also use a electric drill but this will be a lot slower.

This is a disc with the centre cut out and the holes around the outside.I write my name so that it is on the inside of the trap and impossible to remove without dismantling the trap.


Next step is to cable tie funnels to the discs


Now cable tie one side of the mesh to one of the discs.


I have made up some reinforcing rings out of some old fencing wire that I insert in the centre of the mesh tube. I found that a old one gallon paint tin is close to the correct diameter. You can either hit the ring with a spot of weld or just wrap the overlap with electricians tape.


Then insert the ring into the centre of the mesh tube and cable tie into place. .


Now attach the other disc and funnel to the open end of the tube.

Now you need to cut an entrance to enable you to insert bait and remove the shrimp.


I then use a scrap piece of mesh that is slight;y larger than the flap and cable tie it to the flap. This ensures if the flap gets distorted for any reason the shrimp cannot escape.

I then cable tie a length of old crab dilly ring to the inside of the trap. This adds weight to the trap so that it sinks to the bottom and also provides a point to attach the rope.


This is how I attach the rope.


Then all that is needed is to make up a hook and light bungee cord so that you can open and close the trap.





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