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Seq Suburbs Of Origin - Round 2 - June 17-19

The Mad Hughesy

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Here we go...round 2....do or die for the Northsiders! Note there are 4 new species on the list due to popular demand.

Remember folks, this is a just for fun and bragging rights comp, no money, no physical prizes, just the glory of winning! The teams as it stands now are as follows...let me know if you are not on the list but want to fish

TEAM NORTHSIDE  @christophagus@samsteele115@bersim@Doyley@STKE@basshunter1987@Dinodadog@timtam_@Binder@Luvit@Luke Landrunner @Gloomy Samurai@Samrenny

TEAM SOUTHSIDE @Angus@kmcrosby78@ellicat@Old Scaley@lanks@tugger@K-Lub@Damien2Rad@Do$tylz@benno573@rayke1938@Timmo2002@demarc@EZY@tugger

To summarise the comp... 7 target species; Squid, Yellow belly, Jew/threadfin, Bream, Bass, Flathead, Snapper, Tailor and Pelagic (Tuna, Mackerel, trevally etc. Sharks will not be included ). For a team to win the round, they must hold at least the biggest 5 out of the 9 species. To submit an entry, simply post a crystal clear photo of the fish you caught on a brag mat with the unique item (to be advised on Thursday night) with the size of the fish clearly visible! Please note, legal fish only will be accepted! All submissions must be posted in this topic by 7pm on Sunday night Happy Fishing and tight lines


To Freshen up on the rules, visit the previous topic here..

Unique item is a circle! Either the word or the shape. Best of luck to all

BREAM - 32.5 @Cmaltby

BASS - 48cm @Dinodadog


SNAPPER -  64cm @Timmo2002


SQUID - 20cm hood length @lanks

PELAGIC - 145cm Spanish @tugger



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I am assuming that a jewie doesn't count towards 'Pelagic'?  If not, would it be better to include it and re-name it 'miscellaneous'? Seems a shame not to include a large estuary fish in it's prime season.  Just my opinion.  Also, 4/7 will win it ....... :) I'm hoping to get out Sat night - Athletics Carnivals next week so won't be a super late one. Just hoping the wind/rain doesn't mess with my plan.

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10 hours ago, christophagus said:

more species the merrier. i will add Jew and yellow belly to the mix

Last request I promise Chris - perhaps make it Jew/Threadie as they are both possible captures and both around the same size? As it's turned out I reckon 9 species is a great format as it really gives everyone a chance to potentially contribute a winning fish and also gives the opportunity for someone to duck out on Sunday and chase a particular species that their team needs to grab victory. 

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9 minutes ago, kmcrosby78 said:

Nope, totally worthless in this comp, and therefore barely even worth catching. I'm happy to pick them up and dispose of them for you Julian - I'm a good bloke .....:whistle: How's the fishing been over there?

Ask us tomorrow night. :-) some catches so far are flatty, snapper and schoolies.

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On ‎15‎/‎06‎/‎2016 at 1:31 PM, christophagus said:

side note...

what is the correct way to measure the length of a squid? once an agreed on method is decided, ill add to the rules

I would imagine the best (and possibly only) way would be to have the top of the hood up against the zero (cm) and you would then measure where the hood ends and the separate head/eyes section starts. Hope that makes sense?  Anyone know if they shrink much in the esky? Am thinking it might avoid the ink issue .....

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Moderately successful day today with Samrenny. Lots of small squire, this 48cm model and unfortunately he got busted by a 70cm+ model. 

I fluked a tuna on the way home but apart from that I was a loser. Lost the 'circle' token after Sam's fish so used a yellow bottle cap instead as that's all I could find that was circle. Hope it still counts.

Snapper: 48cm

Pelagic: 80cm





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1 hour ago, samsteele115 said:

Oops I just realised I chucked a bream back today and didn't even think about measuring it. Hope another northsider can come up with the goods 

Such a shame ...... Also a shame you didn't read the fine print and your mack tuna isn't counted - desirable/edible species only I'm afraid ........ :whistle::devil:

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