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Need Ideas For Live Well Bait Tank


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Hi guys. I'm in the process of fitting out a new bare hull into a bass style boat with casting deck up front and floor in the middle. The fabrication side isn't an issue because im competent with my tig welder but im having trouble finding a livewell bait tank.

Ive seen them flush mounted in the decks of boats with just a hatch showing but i have no idea what they're called or where to buy. All I'm able to find is a stand alone tank. Ive attached a photo of what im after.

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I saw a live bait tank that was just a aluminium box behind the seat of a tiller stear tinny. they had simply drilled holes in the floor. No pumps etc.

with a screw driver they bent the holes a little so that when driving it pushed water into it and when anchored or drifting it just naturally filled its self. 

It did have an overflow.

Has anyone used/seen one of these? are they a good idea? I love the idea of no moving parts.

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